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Hot weather set to return to England this week

The south is set to benefit from improved weather. Credit: PA

Warm temperatures will return to parts of the UK this week, hitting highs not seen since mid-July.

Southern England and East Anglia could potential see highs of 27C, which is two degrees hotter than anything recorded in August, in a month which is has seen plenty of cloud and rain.

Sadly the heat won't penetrate the north, as only the south is set to benefit from the warmer climes.

London will see an increase in temperature. Credit: PA

"We are looking at a brief warm and humid spell, especially across southern parts, over the next couple of days, cooling down towards the end of the week," said Met Office forecaster Craig Snell.

"In the sunshine on Tuesday it could potentially be 26C or 27C, so that will certainly make it the warmest day since the middle of July.

"If you are living in East Anglia and southern England it is fairly dry with the warmest temperatures.

"Elsewhere, you are probably seeing some rain at some point, especially the further north you go.

"One thing we do have to keep an eye on is the risk of heavy rain across Northern Ireland and Scotland, which could be potentially thundery at times."