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Widowed Grenfell resident fears bidding war for new homes

A Grenfell Tower resident fears he will have to challenge others who lost their flats in the fire for new homes.

Sabah Abdullah, whose wife died in the fire, fears he will have to fight his former neighbours for new a residence.

Do I have to go bidding? Is that really my choice? It wasn't my choice to change my place. Why should I go through the bidding?

Most of the neighbours are part of a family and all of a sudden they [the council] want us to fight against each other for a place. Does that make any sense?

– Sabah Abdullah told ITV News

Kensington and Chelsea Council have used a ranking system to prioritise certain residents.

Preference will be given to those who lost family members in the fire, have a disability or need care and if a person has children, if two people acquire the same ranking, then the one who lived in Grenfell the longest will get priority.

Widower Abdullah will be able to register his interest in properties he would like to live in from Monday morning.

The council says it has more than one hundred homes ready to go for those who are currently in temporary accommodation, and residents will not need to go head-to-head with one another in order to secure a property.