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Mum 'cut in half by hospital lift' after giving birth to third child

Rocio Cortes Nuñez had just given birth to her third daughter when she tragically died. Credit: Facebook

A young mother has died after being "cut in half" by a hospital lift.

Rocio Cortes Nuñez, 26, had just given birth to her third child and was being transferred to a different floor when the tragedy happened.

It is thought the lift at the Virgen del Valme hospital in Seville started moving upwards before the stretcher was fully inside.

Her baby daughter, who was with her at the time, is said to be unharmed.

Police outside the Virgen del Valme hospital in Seville. Credit: EBU

Maria Alvarez, Andalucia Health Counsellor, said: "The patient was being moved, she was accompanied by a health worker and she was about to exit from the elevator.

"An unusual movement of the elevator happened."

She said it was too early to say exactly what went wrong but an investigation into the tragedy would now take place.

The hospital said the most recent inspection of the lift was just over a week ago on August 12.

Andalucia Health Counsellor Maria Alvarez said there will be an investigation into the tragedy. Credit: EBU