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DNA tests confirm headless torso is missing Swedish reporter Kim Wall

Kim Wall went missing on August 10 before the torso was discovered 11 days later. Credit: AP

A headless torso found in Danish waters has been confirmed as missing Swedish journalist Kim Wall.

Police confirmed traces of the 30-year-old freelance reporter's blood had been found on Danish inventor Peter Madsen's privately built submarine, Nautilus.

He has been arrested and appeared in court in connection with Ms Wall's disappearance after she had gone to interview him for a feature story.

Investigators said a piece of metal was attached to the headless torso, which was spotted floating in water off Copenhagen by a cyclist on Monday, "likely with the purpose to make it sink".

The submarine sank off Denmark's coast. Credit: PA

Copenhagen police confirmed tests using DNA obtained from a hair brush and a toothbrush confirmed the "match between torso and Kim Wall."

Investigator Jens Moeller Jensen said the arms and legs had been "deliberately been cut off" the body.

Ms Wall had gone to interview Madsen on August 10 and was reported missing a day later by her boyfriend.

A search for the submarine began only for it to come up to surface off the Danish coast and sink soon afterwards.

Danish inventor Peter Madsen has been arrested over the death. Credit: APTV

Madsen was rescued by the Danish Navy and later arrested but no one was found on board the sinking sub.

Police combed the Baltic Coast in the search for Ms Wall.

Madsen initially said he dropped Ms Wall off on a Copenhagen island before changing his story.

He told authorities "an accident occurred on board that led to her death" and said he "buried" her at sea.

Madsen, who is being held on preliminary manslaughter charges, built his his 40-tonne, 60ft submarine, UC3 Nautilus, in 2008 after a crowdfunding campaign.