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At least eight missing after massive mudslide hits Swiss village

Eight people are missing and more are unaccounted for after a huge mudslide hit a Swiss Alpine village.

The slide, which measured 3 on the Richter scale - as powerful as a mini earthquake - left a trail of destruction in its path.

Roads turned to rivers and bridges collapsed under the weight of the mud and water.

The whole village of Bondo near the Swiss-Italian border has been evacuated, but so far none of the missing have been found.

This bridge collapsed under the weight of mud and water. Credit: AP

The missing are hikers who were in the Bondasca valley when the slide hit.

They are thought to be from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Six have been officially reported missing by relatives. None of them are children.

Another group of five or six people could also have been in the area at the time and have yet to be heard from.

The top of this traffic light shows how high the water is. Credit: AP

Markus Walzer, a Graubuenden police spokesman, said an alarm system was put in place after a similar mudslide in the region five years ago.

He said the weather had been good in recent days, and the cause of the mudslide was not immediately known.

But it is feared there are more to come.