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Husband of woman killed by cyclist calls for tougher laws

  • Video report by ITV News Heath & Social Affairs Correspondent Rebecca Barry

The bereaved husband of a mother killed in a collision with a cyclist has called for an overhaul of the law to reflect the risk that bikes can pose.

Kim Briggs, 45, suffered "catastrophic" head injuries after cyclist Charlie Alliston ploughed into her on a fixed-wheel bike that was illegally on the road with no brakes. She died a week later.

Courier Alliston, aged 20, was convicted of causing bodily harm by wanton and furious driving at the Old Bailey.

Prosecutors had turned to the 150-year-old charge because more modern laws such as causing death by dangerous driving do not apply to bikes.

Mrs Briggs' widower Matthew told ITV News the case shows that the law is overdue for an overhaul to reflect the risk posed by cyclists.

We're calling for cycling to be integrated into the Road Traffic Act so that just as there is death by dangerous driving, there is a death by dangerous cycling, and also serious injury and careless cycling.

– Matthew Briggs
Mr Briggs said he wanted to make changes to honour his Credit: AP

Mr Briggs has said he hopes to honour his wife's memory by pushing for legal changes to make the roads safer.

He said that updating legislation would "bring the law up to date with the huge increase in the number of cyclists".

He said there was no desire to start "a witch hunt against fixed-gear cyclists" which are legally fitted with a front brake but he wanted to make sure there was a clear framework for those which are dangerous.

The widower also spoke of his grief at the sudden loss of his wife, who he described as "tremendous fun" and "just a joy to be around".

"Life will never ever be the same without Kim," he said.

Charlie Alliston faces a maximum penalty of two years in prison. Credit: PA

He described the difficulty of breaking the news to their two children.

"I told them the truth and I said I would answer any questions that I could," he said.

"And I had a great teacher in Kim.

"When I get stuck in parenting, I look to how Kim would have dealt with it. She was funny and witty with them, and loving with them, and I just try to carry on all of those things in the same way that she did."