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Blind man trapped in Houston floods helped by ITV News journalist

A blind man suffering from a seizure who found himself trapped by flood waters in Storm Harvey-hit Houston was helped to safety by an ITV News journalist.

Earl Rolls, who suffers from diabetes and epilepsy, and his family were stuck inside their Texas home surrounded by water almost four foot deep.

The family's pleas for help, which had gone unnoticed for days, were heard by ITV News Washington Correspondent Robert Moore, who had been reporting from the scene.

And with no paramedics or firefighters available to help, Moore helped carry Mr Rolls, who had begun suffering a seizure, to dry land.

The family had been waving a white banner in a plea for help.

Many areas of Houston have been submerged by floodwaters after five days of torrential rain submerged the nation's fourth-largest city.

Moore was observing the rising flood waters when he glimpsed the stranded Rolls family from a bridge.

He said they were "clearly in need" of help and rescue, yet there was "no sign" of police or volunteers nearby.

The family home (r) was surrounded by water at least four feet deep.

"Someone inside was suffering multiple seizures," Moore said.

"We summoned paramedics, but this city is overwhelmed. There was no prospect of anyone coming."

A younger family member and Moore then helped Mr Rolls, leaving his home with just a cane, wade through the water and reach safe ground.

Mr Rolls told ITV News he had been waiting "for days" for help.

At least 18 people have died and 13,000 have been rescued in the Houston area and surrounding cities and counties in south-east Texas since the storm hit at the weekend, and many more remain trapped in their homes.

As rain continues to fall, three major flood defences in the Houston area have begun overflowing.