Sir Vince Cable: 'Nothing intellectually superior' about being a Remainer

Sir Vince Cable has told ITV News there is "nothing intellectually superior" about being a Remainer, as the Liberal Democrats put Brexit at the heart of their annual party conference.

Speaking in Bournemouth, he said Brexiteers were just as intelligent, but said the two sides disagree on the arguments. He insisted offering a second referendum on the terms of Brexit was "no criticism whatsoever of the electorate" for the choice they made first time around.

The Lib Dem leader is pledging an "exit from Brexit" referendum once a deal with Brussels has been done, allowing voters to back out if they don't like the final package. But he admitted that "It is possible the government could achieve a negotiation that minimises the damage", while insisting he still thinks leaving the EU will be worse for Britain than staying in.

Sir Vince Cable said there is nothing intellectually superior about being a Remainer. Credit: PA

On tuition fees, Sir Vince told ITV News that interest rates on loans might need to be lowered, but he refused to be drawn on reducing fees overall. The Lib Dems are currently exploring a new policy on fees, while the Conservatives are rumoured to be considering cutting them, with Labour already committed to scrapping them altogether.

But despite his party having promised in 2010 not to raise tuition fees (before famously breaking their pledge), today Sir Vince said the quality of universities would decline if fees were cut.

The 74 year-old leader spent time working with the National Union of Students while out of parliament between 2015-2017, and says he understands the concerns of younger voters. He told us he is currently learning to use social media with the help of his grandson, insisting "I do my own tweeting". When asked whether he will graduate to Snapchat, he said "I will indeed!"