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Mexico earthquake: No missing child at school, but adult could still be in rubble

Rescuers search for survivors in a Mexico City school. Credit: PA

Mexico's navy says there are no missing children at a collapsed Mexico City school where rescuers have been hunting for a girl they believed to be trapped.

Assistant Navy Secretary Angel Enrique Sarmiento says there is evidence of a person who may still alive, but he says it's probably a school worker.

Mr Sarmiento said that while there are blood traces and other signs suggesting that someone is alive, all the school's children have been accounted for.

"We have done an accounting with school officials and we are certain that all the children either died, unfortunately, are in hospitals or are safe at their homes," he said.

The search for the supposedly missing girl has been a focus of attention across the country as a symbol of hope following Tuesday's magnitude 7.1 earthquake.

Mr Sarmiento says 11 children were rescued alive after the quake, while 19 children and six adults died.

At least 19 students were killed at the school. Credit: APTN

Rescuers are reinforcing the shaky wreckage of the school, which is in the city's south.

The remains of the building had shifted dangerously earlier Thursday morning, prompting some rescuers to evacuate the top of the pile.

At least 293 people were killed in Tuesday's earthquake, including 137 in the capital, officials have said.

Eight of the victims in Mexico City were foreigners, officials said.