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Mexican earthquake death toll reaches over 300

Rescue workers are still looking for survivors. Credit: AP

The death toll from the devastating 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Mexico has reached over 300, with officials saying at least 305 people are now known to have died.

More than half of the fatalities - 167 - were in the capital Mexico City, according to a message posted by Civil Defense chief Luis Felipe Puente.

Rescue workers are still digging through collapsed buildings in the hope of finding survivors still trapped under rubble.

Hope of finding people still alive is gradually dimming, four days after the huge tremor struck.

Two people were killed when another strong 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck the same area of Mexico on Saturday.

Central Mexico is still being rocked by aftershocks from Tuesday's deadly earthquake. Credit: AP

The latest earthquake was the strongest of thousands of aftershocks still shaking the region.

It destroyed some buildings and a bridge which had already been damaged by Thursday's event.

Bettina Cruz,a resident of Juchitan, Oaxaca, was still trembling with fera hours after the "horrible" latest tremor.

"Homes that were still standing just fell down," Cruz said. "It's hard. We are all in the streets."