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Female US marine breaks glass ceiling by becoming the force's first woman officer

The lieutenant has become the first ever female Marines officer. Credit: US Marines

A female marine has broken the glass ceiling by becoming the first to qualify as an officer for the elite force.

The lieutenant, who did not want to be named, was accepted after completing the famously grueling marine officer training.

She is the first woman to do so since the US military opened up the role to women in April last year.

Less than a quarter of recruits who start marine officer training qualify.

Around 10% drop out within the first day.

Oustanding in her field: The Marines celebrated gaining their first female officer. Credit: US Marines

The US Marines said that 131 hopefuls began training in the intake the included the female lieutenant, of whom 88 graduated.

Force Commandant General Robert Neller hailed her achievement as he congratulated all those who passed.

“I am proud of this officer and those in her class‎ who have earned the infantry officer MOS [military occupational specialty],” he said.

Marines expect and rightfully deserve competent and capable leaders, and these IOC graduates met every training requirement as they prepare for the next challenge of leading infantry Marines; ultimately, in combat.”