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Theresa May: Jeremy Corbyn's Labour 'unfit to govern'

Theresa May has insisted Jeremy Corbyn' is "unfit to govern" and pledged to listen to younger voters following the results of June's election that saw the Conservative lose their majority.

Speaking ahead of the annual Conservative party conference in Manchester, the prime minister admitted June's election had been "disappointing" for her party, but insisted the Tories were the party for "everyone, not just the privileged few".

As the party faithful converged on Manchester for the annual conference, Mrs May said: "I understand the concerns raised, particularly by young people, during what was a disappointing election for my party."

With Brexit fears putting further pressure on the younger generation, Mrs May said making the UK a fairer place to live for ordinary working people was a priority.

"The social contract in our country is that the next generation should always have it better than the last.

"Conservatives have a plan to make that a reality," she said.

With most polls putting the Tories and Labour neck and neck, Mrs May said a vote for Jeremy Corbyn as prime minister was too risky.

Mrs May is attempting to assert her authority over her party as she struggles to retain a firm grip over her Cabinet.

Fresh from issuing his own Brexit proposals last week, Boris Johnson called on the prime minister to give public sector workers a pay rise in an interview with The Sun, an issue that lies outside the Foreign Secretary's remit.

Meanwhile Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson called for "serious people" to take charge of Brexit.