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Home Secretary Amber Rudd pledges to ban selling acid to teenagers in clamp down on corrosive attacks

Amber Rudd intends to ban shops selling acid to minors.

Shops will no longer be able to sell acids to people under 18, Amber Rudd has pledged.

The Home Secretary revealed plans for the ban as the UK experiences a spike in acid attacks.

Assaults using corrosive substances have more than doubled in England since 2012.

Speaking at the Conservative Party conference, Ms Rudd said: "Acid attacks are absolutely revolting.

"You have all seen the pictures of victims who never fully recover - endless surgeries, lives ruined."

Ms Rudd said that she also intends to ban adults from carrying acid in public unless they have "good reason".

Britain has experienced a rapid rise in the number of acid attacks. Credit: PA

Mrs Rudd told the audience in Manchester that she also intends to "drastically" restrict the sale of sulphuric acid, given its use in homemade explosives.

She said: "I am also announcing a new offence to prevent the sale of acids to under 18s.

"Furthermore, given its use in the production of so-called 'mother of Satan' homemade explosives, I also announce my intention to drastically limit the public sale of sulphuric acid.

"This is how we will help make our communities safer as crime changes."

Among a raft of measures, Mrs Rudd announced a major investment in technology which will track down indecent images of children online and remove them at an unprecedented rate.

Elsewhere, extremists who repeatedly view terrorist content online could face up to 15 years in jail, she said.