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Homeless man Aaron Barley jailed for life for brutal knife murders of Tracey and Pierce Wilkinson at Stourbridge home

Aaron Barley repeatedly stabbed Tracey Wilkinson and her son Pierce. Credit: West Midlands Police/Family handout

A homeless man who knifed to death a mother and her son in an unexplained frenzied attack on a family who had shown him charity has been jailed for life.

Aaron Barley, 23, was sentenced to a minimum of 30 years after admitting the brutal killings of Tracey Wilkinson and 13-year-old Pierce in the house in which he had spent Christmas with the family just three months earlier.

Barley, dressed in black and armed with a kitchen knife, had hidden overnight outside the home in Stourbridge, West Midlands on March 30.

He had waited for Mrs Wilkinson's husband, Peter, to leave with his dogs for their morning walk before creeping in and heading for the couple's bedroom.

Tracey helped Aaron Barley after she saw him on the streets outside a supermarket. Credit: Family handout

He stabbed Mrs Wilkinson in her bed 17 times and knifed Pierce eight times.

Barley then turned on Peter, after he returned from dog walking, stabbing him in the shoulder and abdomen before leaving him for dead.

Mr Wilkinson survived the attack, waking up to learn that his son had died, having already known his wife had been killed.

Mrs Wilkinson had helped drug-user Barley with food, clothes and accommodation after seeing him sleeping rough outside her local supermarket.

Lydia Wilkinson with her father Peter Wilkinson still do not know what caused Aaron Barley to murder. Credit: ITV News

Mr Wilkinson helped him get a job at the company he runs and had shared a curry with him just three weeks before the attack.

He told ITV News: "We never anticipated that this would ever happen from such huge acts of kindness, that somebody would come along and take lives. It’s impossible to comprehend."

Barley was sentenced by a High Court judge at Birmingham Crown Court.

Mr Wilkinson and his daughter, Lydia, still do not know why he turned on them.