Theresa May’s drama that changes little

Theresa May coughs during her speech. Credit: PA

There are extraordinary events that change very little.

I suspect Theresa’s May’s unique speech to the Tory conference is one such.

She hoped to make a new start by outlining a new policy direction for her party - her pursuit of the “British Dream”, with her dollop of intervention in housing and energy markets.

All that was drowned out - by her coughing and the pranking antics of Lee Nelson.

But she nonetheless succeeded in making a different kind of new start, by revealing a bit (at last) of who she is, when stripped of robotic phrases and evasive statements - in the way she showed humour in coping with those trials, and allowed herself to be hugged in public when it was all over by a husband who plainly adores her.

Theresa May is hugged on stage by her husband Philip. Credit: PA

So she is no more or less secure in her job than before the speech.

The delegates in the conference hall were overwhelmingly on her side.

The wider public, according to a snap focus group conducted by the Tories, admired her resolve - while not yet being convinced she really understands their needs.

And those on her frontbench and among her MPs who see her as a liability are no closer to moving her to the asset side of the Tory balance sheet.

They may still want her out.

But as I said on News at Ten, the story of the day is Carry On Prime Minister - for now.