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Nicola Sturgeon: Boris Johnson is an 'embarrassment' and idea of him as PM is laughable

  • Video report by ITV News Scotland Correspondent Peter Smith

Nicola Sturgeon has dismissed the idea of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister, describing him as an "embarrassment".

In the wake of a failed coup against the Prime Minister, Ms Sturgeon was unable to keep a straight face on the subject of Boris.

Speaking to ITV News, she said: "He's been an embarrassment.

"The idea of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister is just... Even in the sort of mad wing of the Tory Party, I can't believe anyone really thinks Boris Johnson is credible as a Prime Minister."

Ms Sturgeon has put the reigns on her campaign for Scottish independence as she pushes to secure the best Brexit deal for Scotland, querying how much money Scotland would get when the UK leaves the EU.

She said: "This is a big question that the UK Government needs to answer.

"When they get control of that money, are they going to give Scotland eight per cent population share or are they going to honour the greater percentage we have right now?"

When asked if she believes Brexit is reversible, she said: "If the UK wanted to reverse Brexit, and I don't see any signs that the UK does want to do that, whether or not that would be possible would probably not come down to the law. It would come down to the political will of the member states."

Mrs Sturgeon had planned to hold a second vote on leaving the UK between autumn 2018 and spring 2019, but was forced to put those plans on hold after the SNP lost 21 of its MPs in June's snap general election.