1. ITV Report

Windy, wet and wild weather moving in

A windy, wet, wild night but staying mild. A soaking for the north-west with up to two inches of rain or more falling in the next 12 to 24 hours.

Here, winds picking up with gales in exposed spots waking some of us up before dawn. With the blustery winds any mist and fog will be kept at bay and it'll be remarkably mild for the the time of year.

Tomorrow the windy, wet weather will coincide with rush hours across the north-west of England and north and west Wales giving awful conditions.

To the east of the high ground and Pennines it'll be drier but stay blustery.

Scotland and Northern Ireland will cheer up by the afternoon but feel chilly.

Ahead of the rain, blustery winds and grey skies but staying very mild for mid October - as some patchy rain and drizzle arrives later.