Armando Iannucci sees Donald Trump comparison in upcoming film The Death of Stalin

Armando Iannucci speaks to Nina Nannar.

Armando Iannucci's new film The Death of Stalin is hysterically funny, sharply satirical, farcical and shocking.

What the writer and director was not anticipating was that his look at the ludicrousness of the ruling classes in the Soviet Union would elicit comparisons with Donald Trump's America.

He made the film before Trump had entered the White House, but says that some aspects of the story, dealing with the fear Stalin engendered in his party followers with his authoritarian rule, can now be seen in America's corridors of power.

The award-winning satirist saw his 2009 film In the Loop nominated for an Oscar, and reveals that Harvey Weinstein, the disgraced studio boss, had wanted to become the film's distributor.

Iannucci declined.

Iannucci is confident his film, dealing with the chaos and struggle for power after Joseph Stalin's death in 1953, will get released in Russia - where the Soviet leader is still regarded by many as a hero.

There had been reports that authorities in Russia were considering a ban, saying the film was a deliberate provocation, but it seems the Russian people will get a chance to see the film early next year.

It will be released in the UK on Friday.

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