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108 arrested in Brazil in 'one of world's largest anti-paedophilia operations'

Authorities search an address. Credit: Ministerio da Justica

Police in Brazil say they have arrested 108 people as part of one of the world's largest operations against paedophilia.

The arrests were made in 24 different states, as well as in the capital Brasilia.

The arrests were made on suspicion of producing and disseminating pedophilia content on the internet, the country's Ministry of Justice said.

Police in the Latin American country said Operation Luz na Infância (Light in Childhood) was considered one of the largest police actions ever carried out in the world to combat paedophilia.

The operation was coordinated from the country's capital, Brasilia. Credit: Ministerio da Justica

The Ministry of Justice continued that information and evidence was gathered "in virtual environments", as well as by conducting 157 warrants for the search and seizure of computers and digital files, carried out by 1,108 police officers.

The arrests were made at the end of a six-month long investigation, which involved US immigration officials.