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Prince Harry says Princess Diana is his 'ideal role model'

Prince Harry has described his late mother Princess Diana as his "ideal role model".

The Prince glowed with pride as he explained why he thought she had earned the moniker 'People's Princess'.

"I think she had a lot in common with everybody, but also she certainly listened," the 33-year-old said at the inaugural summit of former US president Barack Obama's foundation in Chicago.

"She was like a vacuum going around sucking up all the information, all the criticism, all the issues, all the positives, all the negatives from everybody and then putting her name and her platform towards some of the biggest issues which have never been talked about.

"We suffer from this illusion, or this reality, where some problems become so big that nobody wants to get involved.

"She was the one that changed that.

"I will always look up to her as my ideal role model."

Prince Harry also said he believes young people hold "the solutions to some of the world's biggest problems" and that they had "turned me into an optimist".