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Schizophrenic patient Jeffrey Barry is jailed for 23 years for murder of refugee

A mental health patient who murdered a refugee and cut off his penis hours after being released from a psychiatric hospital has been jailed for at least 23 years.

Jeffrey Barry, 56, stabbed his neighbour, Kamil Ahmad, 49, to death at his flat in Wells Road in Bristol at about 2am on July 7 last year.

The murder took place hours after Barry, who has paranoid schizophrenia, was released from a psychiatric hospital.

Bristol Crown Court heard that psychiatrists had opposed Barry's release, but a mental health tribunal ruled that he should be discharged.

Barry told a community psychiatric nurse he was "criminally insane" in a phone call he made minutes before the fatal attack.

But police discovered a note in his room reading: "The fact is, I have acted out my entire psychiatric history. I'm very well. Sorry."

A jury unanimously convicted Barry, who is being held at Broadmoor Hospital, of murder following a two-week trial.

Note written by Jeffrey Barry. Credit: Avon and Somerset Police

Jailing Barry for life, Mrs Justice May said: "In hindsight, the decision to discharge Mr Barry from hospital is nothing short of calamitous, given what happened hours later.

She told him: "Once inside Mr Ahmad's flat, you subjected him to a frenzied attack and the pathologist describes over 70 separate knife injuries.

"Mr Ahmad bled to death. After he died, you cut off his penis and then you went downstairs and phoned the police.

"On the jury's verdict, notwithstanding you were suffering from a chronic mental illness, you were not in such a grip of illness that you didn't know what you were doing."

Note written by Jeffrey Barry. Credit: Avon and Somerset Police

Prosecutors had asserted that Mr Ahmad's murder was racially motivated and therefore should carry an increased sentence but the judge said Barry held a range of grievances against him.

"Mr Barry's thought system has been polluted and distorted by his mental illness over the years and the things he said cannot be judged by the standards of the sane general public," the judge added.

David Jeremy QC, defending, said Barry should never have been released by the mental health tribunal and that his client was a "victim" of a "flawed decision".

"In assessing his responsibility, the sentence should reflect that the responsibility for Mr Ahmad's death is shared by others," he said.

"The mental health tribunal discharged Mr Barry on the day he killed Mr Ahmad. They did so on a flawed process in which they were not provided with full information.

Barry was seen on CCTV entering a bar and leaving hours later. Credit: Avon and Somerset Police

"The tribunal reached a conclusion that Dr (Dave) Barker, Dr (Roger) Thomas and Dr (John) Sandford said they didn't agree with.

"The defendant should not have been discharged to the address he shared with Mr Ahmad.

"It is too simple to pin responsibility to him in the sentence you will pass for the death of Mr Ahmad.

"Jeffrey Barry, as well as Mr Ahmad, is a victim of a flawed decision to discharge him from hospital on the day he went home to murder Mr Ahmad."

Mr Jeremy added that it would be "overly simplistic" to treat Mr Ahmad's death as a racially aggravated murder as he also thought he was a terrorist and a paedophile.

"Racial dislike was one hook against other hooks on which the defendant hung an irrational dislike of a man who had done him no harm," he added.