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Freddie Flintoff makes stage debut in Fat Friends musical

Former England cricket captain Andrew "Freddie" Flintoff has added another string to his bow - by starring in a musical.

Flintoff - who has also boxed professionally and presents television and radio shows - plays Kevin Murgatroyd in the stage version of the hit ITV show Fat Friends.

Flintoff said the singing was the toughest part of the musical Credit: ITV News

The musical follows a group of characters who are looking to lose weight, centering around the upcoming wedding of Kelly and Kevin, as Kelly does what she can to fit into her wedding dress.

I've got no fear of trying things. If there's opportunities then I'll take them.

I've got no fear of failure but I've got a fear of getting to 60, 65, looking back, on a life of missed opportunities.

And if you get the chance to work with the best people on the best things, why wouldn't you?

– Freddie Flintoff

Flintoff is seen as one of England's greatest cricketers, helping to regain the Ashes from Australia in 2005.

Flintoff playing for England in 2009 Credit: PA

His career was cut short in 2010 however, at the age of 31, when he was forced to retire from professional cricket due to a knee injury.