Zimbabwe: 'Robert Mugabe knows his time is up'

Thousands of people have rallied against Robert Mugabe. Credit: AP

The people of Zimbabwe, in their tens of thousands, have never witnessed anything like it.

Vast demonstrations against the rule of President Robert Mugabe.

To cap it all, it was broadcast live on state television, for so long his official propaganda channel.

Perhaps the Old Man was watching. He would have got the message.

Demonstrations took place in Harare and Bulawayo. Credit: AP

"We have waited 37 years for this," one middle aged man told me.

"All my life. I can hardly believe it, but he must go."

The crowds were vast.

In Harare I saw opposition leaders sit with veterans of Zanu PF. The ruling party has abandoned its boss.

They cheered the army, so long the tool of oppression, now appearing in the guise of liberators.

People sense the end is near for Robert Mugabe. Credit: AP

In this upside down world, people believe the once impossible is now a certainty.

"He’s finished," a senior figure in the opposition movement told me.

"Whatever he does now, he’s finished."