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Tiger shot dead after roaming streets of Paris after circus escape

The tiger (circled) can we seen walking through a Paris suburb in the dark. Credit: EBU

A tiger which escaped from a circus in Paris, roamed the streets of the French capital for "some time" before being shot and killed, police in the city said.

They added that the big cat was "neutralised" by a member of circus staff around 1.2 miles from the Eiffel Tower.

Emergency services at the scene where the tiger was shot. Credit: EBU

Police tweeted that "all danger is over" after the tiger was shot near a bridge over the River Seine.

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A Paris police official confirmed the tiger had been loose for "some time" on Friday, but said there were no reported injuries.

Residents in the 15th district where the tiger was shot circulated photos of the animal's body on social media, with many angry that it had been killed.