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US airstrikes destroy IS vehicles near Baghdad

US military forces conducted two airstrikes near Sinjar and south west of Baghdad, destroying six vehicles belonging to Islamic State militants, US Central Command has said.

These strikes were conducted under authority to protect US personnel and facilities, support humanitarian efforts, and help Iraqi forces on the offensive against ISIL terrorists.

US Central Command has conducted a total of 162 airstrikes across Iraq.

– US Central Command

Ex-Auschwitz guard 'charged with accessory to murder'

A 93-year-old man has been charged with 300,000 counts of accessory to murder for serving as an SS guard at the Nazis' Auschwitz death camp, according to prosecutors.

Speaking to the Associated Press, prosecutors said Oskar Groening was accused of helping operate the death camp in occupied Poland between May and June 1944, when some 425,000 Jews from Hungary were brought there and at least 300,000 almost immediately gassed to death.

Auschwitz concentration camp Credit: PA

In his job dealing with the belongings stolen from camp victims, prosecutors said among other things he was charged with helping collect and tally money that was found.

"He helped the Nazi regime benefit economically, and supported the systematic killings," state prosecutors in the city of Hannover said in a statement. Groening's attorney, Hans Holtermann, declined to comment on the charges.


Taliban claim responsibility for deadly Kabul blast

Credit: Reuters

The Taliban have claimed responsibility for a suicide car bomber that attacked a foreign motorcade in Kabul, killing at least four international troops and injuring 13 people.

The blast happened just off a busy road that runs from the US Embassy to the airport, near the country's Supreme Court.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack in an emailed statement to journalists. The international military coalition ISAF did not have any immediate information.

The attack comes as the country's two presidential contenders continue negotiations to form some sort of national unity government.

US 'categorically rejects' working with Assad against IS

The US "categorically rejects" that it will work with the Assad regime to tackle Islamic State militants in Syria, the deputy spokesperson for the US State Department has said.

Marie Harf told CNN's Situation Room that the US would not work with Assad "even with a third party".

We don't want to coordinate with the Assad regime, we have been very clear on that. We don't want to share intelligence with him at all. We have made that very clear to everyone.

What [US Secretary of State John Kerry] is suggesting is that we are open to conversation with Iran. We've already had a few on the sidelines of the nuclear negotiations...because they know ISIL poses a threat to them as well...They certainly have a role to play here.

– Marie Harf, US State Department deputy spokesperson

Sturgeon on leaders' promise: 'Scots are not daft'

Scotland's deputy first minister Nicola Sturgeon insists the promise of "extensive new powers" will not improve the chances of a No vote as the Scottish people "are not daft".

Asked whether the pledge would sway Scots towards voting to stay in the Union, Nicola Sturgeon told Good Morning Britain: "No I don't because people in Scotland are not daft.

"The three leaders cannot and will not tell us what those new powers will be. They don't agree between themselves what they should be," she added.


Leaders sign 'The Vow' to promise Scots new powers

The leaders of the three main parties in Westminster have signed a letter promising "extensive new powers" for Scotland if they reject independence in Thursday's referendum.

In a letter titled "The Vow" published on the front page of the Daily Record, David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg say a No vote will guarantee "faster, safer and better change than separation".

Thai police to focus on migrant workers in hunt for killer

Thai police have now said they are focusing on migrant workers in the hunt for the killer responsible for the murder of a British man and woman found dead on an idyllic island in the Gulf of Thailand.

The bodies of David Miller, 24, from Jersey, and Hannah Witheridge, aged 23, from Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, were discovered semi-naked on a beach in the divers' paradise of Koh Tao yesterday.

Kabul bomb attack kills four near US Embassy

A bomb attack near the US Embassy in the Afghanistan capital Kabul has killed four international troops, an official Coalition statement has said.

At least five were wounded in the blast, which was claimed by the Taliban. Afghan Deputy Interior Minister Mohammad Ayub Salangi earlier said on Twitter a suicide car bomber had targeted a convoy of foreign troops.

Killer of British tourists may still be on Thai island

Police in Thailand believe that the killer of two British tourists may still be on the holiday island where the pair where found dead, local media have reported.

The Bangkok Post reported that police had banned all vessels from leaving Koh Tao and said officers believe the killer may not have been able to get off the island due to bad weather.

Yesterday local police chief Colonel Songsak said they "urgently" wanted to speak to a British man who may have been a friend of Mr Miller.

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