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Who are the figures mentioned in Rotherham report?

The report into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham has turned a spotlight on community figures of authority, both past and present.

Rotherham Council leader Roger Stone has already resigned, but who are the other figures in the council, police and other agencies who are mentioned in the damning report?

ITV News Correspondent Damon Green reports:

Rotherham victims want apologies, not compensation

by Juliet Bremner: ITV News Correspondent

We heard yesterday that about a third of the girls who were abused are thought to be in council care.

As I revealed back in May, 15 of those girls are joining together to take legal action against the council. They claim they should have had better care and have been better protected when they were in these local authority homes.

They insist that social workers who cared for them then knew what was going on, knew that they were in relationships with older men, but did nothing to prevent it.

There is of course a possibility they could get compensation if they are successful, but I have to say that all the girls I spoke to said that it wasn't money they were after. What they wanted were some words of regret and apology from the council.


Children and guns: A problem the US will not solve soon

A shooting instructor has been in killed in the United States after he was accidentally shot while showing a nine-year-old girl how to use an Uzi submachine gun.

She lost control of the weapon, during her lesson with the experienced instructor. Her parents were filming her at the time.

ITV News Washington Correspondent Robert Moore reports:

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August set to end on a disappointing note

by Becky Mantin: ITV Weather Presenter

It has been a disappointing August for many of us but don't put your summer togs away quite yet.

As so often happens, the start of September brings a return of the warm, sunny, summery weather once again.

High pressure builds back in across the UK next week bathing the UK in rising temperatures and plenty of sunshine. What better way to see in the Autumn.


British Jihadist would be 'honoured' to kill a Westerner

A British militant, fighting with Islamic State in Iraq, has claimed he would be 'honoured' to murder a western captive.

He also says he is prepared to return to the UK to spread terror here.

ITV News Political Correspondent Romilly Weeks reports:

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Adults must stop 'hiding behind professionalism'

The Children's Commissioner for England, Dr Maggie Atkinson, has said that anyone who comes into contact with children has a responsibility to act on abuse and sexual exploitation.

She said: "Stop hiding behind your professionalism ... and really see the child in front of you, and listen to what they're telling you".

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