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Labour MP John Mann: Airstrikes would be a 'gesture'

Labour MP John Mann has told ITV's Good Morning Britain that airstrikes against Islamic State in Syria would be a "gesture" that "ducks the big questions".

It's a gesture because it doesn't get rid of Islamic State, and the Americans have been bombing there for a long period of time and that hasn't worked.

And it ducks the big questions.

It's about getting the Russians and the Arab states together.

– Labour MP John Mann

He added that airstrikes were a "nonsense" because they raised the prospect of working against Russians, Iranians and the Syrian Army who are already in Syria.

Weather: Mild start with temperatures in double figures

Expect a very mild start to the day for all of us with many places starting with temperatures hitting double figures.

But it will also cloudy, windy and damp in places.

Weather: Mild start with temperatures in double figures. Credit: Met Office

A band of rain which will start the day across Scotland and Northern Ireland will move southeastwards, over Wales and across into Northern England.

To the south of this rain it will be cloudy, mild and windy day with top temperatures of 14C (57F).



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