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Israeli military targets source of rocket attacks

The Israeli military has targetted a person who it claims was responsible for rocket barrages in the south of the country.


A short while, the IDF targeted a terrorist who was responsible for the rocket barrages at southern Israel earlier this evening.

They did not name the target or specify whether the mission was successful.


McCain: Foley's murder 'should serve as a turning point'

Former US presidential candidate John McCain said the beheading of journalist James Foley should serve as a turning point for Barack Obama's deliberations on how to deal with Islamic State militants.

"I don't think there's any doubt that this horrible video on the internet is bound to have an impact on the American people," McCain told Reuters.

Republican Senator John McCain.
Republican Senator John McCain also called for a dramatic increase in air strikes, Credit: Olivier Douliery/ABACA USA/Empics Entertainment

"The nature of the brutality of this organisation has been brought home by this."

The Republican senator called for a dramatic increase in air strikes against Islamic State targets in Iraq and suggested they should extend into Syria, saying, "We have to defeat them, not stop them."

Suspected Ebola patient tested at California hospital

A suspected Ebola patient has been admitted to a hospital in northern California, health officials have said.

Blood samples will now be tested by federal disease control experts.

If the patient tests positive, it would be the first confirmed case of Ebola in the United States, aside from two American relief workers who flew back for treatment after contracting the disease in Liberia.

Up to 300 more US soldiers 'needed for security' in Iraq

Up to 300 extra US soldiers have been requested to provide security in Iraq, according to Reuters.

An unnamed US official told the agency that the request, by the State Department, had not yet been approved.

More than 800 American soldiers have already been sent to Iraq since Islamic State militants invaded the north of the country in June.


John Kerry: No masked coward can steal Foley's legacy

US Secretary of State John Kerry has paid tribute to murdered journalist James Foley, saying: "No masked coward can ever steal his legacy."

He also expressed his rage at the Islamic State, who were behind the attack, labelling them "ugly, savage, inexplicable, nihilistic, valueless evil."


Jim Foley went to the darkest of places to shine the light of truth/he was brave and bold/no masked coward can ever steal his legacy


His family is incredible/we’ve all been touched by their fight for Jim.


There is evil in this world. ISIL = ugly, savage, inexplicable, nihilistic, valueless evil.

Israeli PM compares Hamas to the Islamic State

Israel's prime minister has accused Hamas of using "savagery" against civilians like the Islamic State militants in Iraq.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Credit: Reuters

At a news conference in Tel Aviv, Benjamin Netanyahu said there "will be a continued campaign" aimed at restoring "calm and safety" to Israeli citizens.

He added that he saw a "new diplomatic horizon" ahead for Israel in the region.

US launches 14 air strikes on militants near Mosul Dam

The US military has launched 14 air strikes on Islamic State fighters near Mosul Dam in Iraq, US Central Command has said.

The strikes "destroyed or damaged" six Islamic State vehicles, three improvised explosive devices, one mortar tube, and two armed trucks, a statement reads.

These strikes were conducted under authority to support Iraqi security forces and Kurdish defence force operations, as well as to protect critical infrastructure, US personnel and facilities, and support humanitarian efforts.

– US Central Command statement

Gaza conflict: Peace is off the table

by - Senior International Correspondent

I suspect that the resumed fighting is less in Hamas' interest than in Israel's.

Hamas look weak at the minute for one thing and they barely have a friend in the world. Yes, Arab countries have condemned the Israelis over the death toll is Gaza but there have been few, if any, expressions of support for Hamas.

The same is true of the West Bank. One might have imagined that Palestinians on the West Bank would have risen up by now in support of their Gazan brethren but that hasn't been the case.

Hamas relies on global sympathy for the situation in Gaza, but of late the World's attention has been focused on the barbarism of Islamic militants in Iraq and I suspect that may have diluted any tolerance or support there was for Hamas' conduct.

They too are Islamic militants, so for the time being I think the Israeli's are going to hammer Hamas. Peace is off the table.

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