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Police search former home of Alice Gross suspect

A second house being searched in connection with the disappearance of schoolgirl Alice Gross is a former home of official suspect Arnis Zalkalns, the owner has said.

Radoslav Andric said he last saw Zalkalns at the rental property in Hanwell, west London, two days before Alice went missing.

The second house being searched was a former home of suspect Arnis Zalkalns. Credit: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

He said the Latvian builder moved out of the property more than a year ago, but had returned to see friends.

Mr Andric said he believed Zalkalns had come back because his bike was not working properly.

Union supporters sing 'Rule Britannia' in Glasgow square

Union supporters have chanted 'Rule Britannia' and 'Scotland said No' in George Square, Glasgow, leading to police separating them from Yes campaigners

ITV News Scotland Correspondent Debi Edward, who is in George Square, said:


Weather: Sunny start to the weekend

Showers may turn thundery in Southern England and Wales but drier in the North tonight.

Cooler in Scotland with temperatures dropping to around 8 degrees but muggy in the south of England with temperatures around 16 degrees.

Bright sunny spells forecast for tomorrow with cloud and drizzle forecast for East Anglia and Yorkshire while temperatures in the South East could reach 22 degrees.

Westminster debate begins on timetable for change

The debate has already begun in Westminster on a timetable for change in Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Prime Minister David Cameron has said English MPs should be the only ones to vote on English matters, which would have potentially seismic implications for parliament.

ITV News Deputy Political Editor Chris Ship reports:

Northern England cities inspired by Scotland campaign

The passion stirred up by the Yes campaign in Scotland has inspired similar feelings among some in northern England's larger cities.

In Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle, there is a growing sense that they too, should be given more powers to self-govern.

ITV News Diplomatic Correspondent John Ray reports:

Salmond's lifelong dream to lead independent Scotland is over

Alex Salmond's lifelong dream of leading an independent Scotland is over.

Scotland rejected independence by 55% to 45% leaving Britain's 307-year union remains intact and as a result Salmond has stepped down as First Minister and leader of the SNP.

Meanwhile, Westminster's relief over the vote has given way to the realisation that this campaign will change the way the UK is run.

David Cameron has today announced more powers for England and that will have huge repercussions for the whole of the UK.

ITV News Political Editor Tom Bradby reports:


No voters chant 'rule Britannia' in Glasgow square

ITV News Scotland Correspondent Debi Edward reports from Glasgow:

Queen: Independence 'result all us throughout UK will respect'

The Queen said Scotland's vote to stay part of the UK was "a result that all of us throughout the United Kingdom will respect".

After many months of discussion, debate, and careful thought, we now know the outcome of the Referendum, and it is a result that all of us throughout the United Kingdom will respect.

For many in Scotland and elsewhere today, there will be strong feelings and contrasting emotions - among family, friends and neighbours. That, of course, is the nature of the robust democratic tradition we enjoy in this country. But I have no doubt that these emotions will be tempered by an understanding of the feelings of others.

Now, as we move forward, we should remember that despite the range of views that have been expressed, we have in common an enduring love of Scotland, which is one of the things that helps to unite us all. Knowing the people of Scotland as I do, I have no doubt that Scots, like others throughout the United Kingdom, are able to express strongly-held opinions before coming together again in a spirit of mutual respect and support, to work constructively for the future of Scotland and indeed all parts of this country.

My family and I will do all we can to help and support you in this important task.

– Queen
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