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Food bank manager: We only help the 'desperate'

The manager of a food bank warehouse in Slough has dismissed Government claims more people are using them because of better marketing, telling Daybreak they only help "people who are desperate".

Sue Sibany-King said they only provided emergency food supplies to those who were referred to them with a voucher.

"We do have so many measures to make sure people can't just come in without a voucher. We have got over 100 referring agencies in this area. People can go to them and they are all assessed by those agencies, then they are given a voucher."

Villiers to call for new focus to heal divisions

In a speech today, Northern Ireland Secretary Theresa Villiers is expected to call for a focus on paramilitaries rather than the police as part of future measures to heal divisions over the conflict. She is expected to say:

At least with a new process, agreed by Northern Ireland's political leaders, there is scope to write in from the start the need for an objective balance and with proper weight and a proportionate focus on the wrongdoing of paramilitaries...rather than the almost exclusive concentration on the activities of the state which characterises so many of the processes currently under way.


Theresa Villiers to call for focus on paramilitaries

The Northern Ireland Secretary is to call for "proportionate" focus on wrongdoing by republicans and loyalists rather than the police as part of future measures to heal divisions over the conflict.

Northern Ireland Secretary Theresa Villiers. Credit: Press Association

Many processes for addressing the legacy of the past - during which thousands were killed or maimed amid 30 years of bombings and shootings - have concentrated on the activities of security forces, Theresa Villiers will argue, rather than paramilitaries who were responsible for most cases.

The devolved ministerial Executive at Stormont is spending more than £30 million a year on historical matters, with police trawling hundreds of thousands of documents, in part to investigate shootings carried out by former officers or soldiers.


South Korean ferry reportedly hit rock before sinking

The ferry that sunk off the coast of South Korea reportedly made a distress call after hitting a rock.

ITV News Correspondent Lucy Watson has tweeted:


South Korea ferry made distress call at 8.58am local time after those onboard heard loud thump; reportedly hit a rock

UK wages expected to surpass inflation

Wages are expected to surpass inflation today for the first time in six years.

On Tuesday the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) rate dropped to a new four-year low of 1.6%.

ONS figures are expected to show wages have surpassed inflation for the first time in six years. Credit: Press Association

ONS labour market statistics are expected to show that regular pay is rising at a rate of 1.8%, up from 1.3%.

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Competition for primary schools 'sign of the times'

Parents planning their child's primary school place before the have even conceived is "a sign of the times", a parenting expert has said.

Netmums founder Siobhan Freegard said their survey into measures taken by parents to get their child into their ideal school showed how "tough" competition for places had become:

Competition for what parents perceive to be the best schools is now so tough they will do almost anything to gain their child a place.

Some ways like moving house to be close to the school can cost tens of thousands of pounds, while others such as applying for a nursery place at the school in a bid to boost their chances are bending the rules - but determined mums and dads will do what it takes.

It's a real sign of the times that people now begin thinking about which school to send their child to before they are even pregnant.

– Siobhan Freegard
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