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Lloyds fined for fixing fees for taxpayer help

About £70 million of Lloyds' fine from financial regulators is for trying to manipulate the fees payable to the Bank of England for taking part in a government scheme to support British banks during the financial crisis.

The group is set to pay a total of £218 million to UK and US authorities after it became the latest lender to be punished over the rigging of interest rate benchmarks.

Lloyds bank
Lloyds Banking Group is to pay £218 million in fines to UK and US authorities. Credit: Press Association

Lloyds said the manipulation took place between May 2006 and 2009, adding that those involved have either left the company, been suspended or are subject to disciplinary proceedings.

Barclays was the first to settle Libor rate-rigging claims, paying £290 million in penalties to US and UK regulators in June 2012, while state-backed Royal Bank of Scotland was hit with a £391 million settlement.

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Netanyahu: UN ceasefire call neglects Israel's needs

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu.
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Credit: Reuters

The UN Security Council's call for an immediate humanitarian truce in Gaza, neglects Israeli security while addressing the needs of Hamas, Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said.

A statement by the council calling for an immediate ceasefire "relates to the needs of a murderous terrorist group that attacks Israeli civilians and has no answer for Israel's security needs", Netanyahu's office quoted him as telling UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.


Families of Brits killed in MH17 disaster to meet PM

Families of the British victims of the Malaysian MH17 disaster will meet the Prime Minister tomorrow.


@itvnews understands the families of British victims of the MH17 plane crash will meet David Cameron in Downing st tomorrow.

Ten Britons were killed when the MH17 flight crashed after being shot down over eastern Ukraine.

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Worthing underwater as storms hit south coast

Stations and roads were underwater in Worthing today as storms caused flash flooding in the area.

Homes and shops were left damaged and people struggled to get around in water which came up to their knees in some areas.

A drone captured these images above a Worthing street which showed cars trying to manoeuvre through inches of water after a months worth of rain fell in just an hour.

Weather: Storms return to bring lively start to the week

by - ITV Weather Presenter

By Lucy Verasamy: Weather Presenter

A lively start to the week with intense thundery rain through the south-east already - and further downpours in places this afternoon.

A few scattered, light showers will drift through Northern Ireland, the West Country and Wales.

Elsewhere a fine, bright day with sunshine. Looking good in Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games.

Highs of 22C in the north and 25C in the south, but muggy with the thundery air.

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