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Burnham: Law will take UK back to 'no dogs, no Irish'

Shadow Home Secretary Andy Burnham said that new immigration laws criminalizing landlords who don't carry out checks on tenants' identity will take the UK back to the 'old days' of discrimination.

He told ITV News the government's Immigration bill, which had its second reading in parliament, is the modern equivalent of landlords putting signs up saying 'no dogs, no Irish'.

The worry is and the early evidence is that landlords will stop renting properties to people who don't have a British passport or worse people who just have a foreign sounding name. People remember the old days where their landlords had signs saying 'no Irish, no dogs', this is potentially a return to those days where there is widespread discrimination in the housing market.

– Shadow home secretary Andy Burnham

But he said that immigration in some parts of the UK has led to the undercutting of wages and extra pressure on public services and that Labour will support measures dealing with "legitimate concerns that the public have."

Social media 'motivating wave of terrorism' in Israel

Social media is motivating 'a wave of terrorism' in Israel, according to the government.

Palestinians are sharing numerous images of victims on social media pages which are being shared thousands of times.

The Israeli government blames social media for inciting young Palestinians to commit religiously motivated violence but many observers of the conflict dismiss the claims.

It comes as violent clashes between Israelis and Palestinians continue in Jerusalem.

ITV News Middle East Correspondent Geraint Vincent reports:

Family of Brit in Saudi jail urge PM to negotiate release

Father, husband and grandfather, Karl Andree faces the prospect of a public flogging in Saudi Arabia, a country that has close strategic and commercial ties with the UK.

The 74-year-old's family are urging the Prime Minister to "do the right thing" and intervene to let him come home.

Mr Andree remains in a Jeddah jail, 14 months after being sentenced to 12 months in prison following his arrest by religious police for possessing bootleg alcohol.

David Cameron has now written to the Saudi King about the case.

International Affairs Editor Rageh Omaar reports:

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