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Tear gas attack on Everton fans was unprovoked, fan says

An Everton fan has told ITV News the French police attack on the team's supporters in Lille was unprovoked.

Ellie Taylor said there was nothing malicious from the Everton side before officers fired rubber bullets and tear gas in the city's main square.

Any trouble has now died down ahead of the 6pm Europa League match.

But Ellie said some of her friends suffered stinging eyes and could not see properly from the tear gas.

Cameron urges EU countries to do more to tackle Ebola

Prime Minister David Cameron has said he wants his European partners to do more to tackle the Ebola crisis in West Africa.

Speaking as he arrived in Brussels for an EU leaders summit, Cameron said, "What I hope for from this summit is that we address some of the risks that we face.

Prime Minister David Cameron arrives at the EU leaders summit in Brussels. Credit: RTV

"Risk number one is obviously the crisis of Ebola and it's very important that we take action at source in West Africa.

Britain has been leading the way in terms of Sierra Leone, we've already pledged over £125 million, we've got military and other forces going to that country to help. But we need other European countries to do more."



Murdered officer's widow resents Roberts' release

The widow of murdered police officer David Stanley Bertram Wombwell has told ITV News she resents the fact killer Harry Roberts is to be released.

Gillian Wombwell said:

I was informed all the way that there was a possibility Roberts would be released.

I have voiced my reservations again and again. We resent the fact that he will be released. Our sentence is for life and so should his be.

– Gillian Wombwell

WHO 'reasonably confident' Ebola not widespread across borders

The World Health Organization is "reasonably confident" they are not seeing widespread Ebola transmission into countries bordering Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, an official have said.

However, WHO acknowledged it is still "terrifically difficult" to get enough domestic and international healthcare workers to fight Ebola in West African countries.

Pistorius to discuss running future with agent in prison

Pistorius made history after becoming the first amputee athlete to run in the Olympics. Credit: PA

Oscar Pistorius' agent is set to meet with the double-amputee athlete in prison in the next few days to discuss his running future.

Peet van Zyl said no talks had been held yet over the Paralympic champion's career as he was taken straight to jail after being sentenced on Tuesday.

Whatever their plans, South African Olympic committee chief executive Tubby Reddy said Pistorius would not be allowed to compete until he completes his five year sentence for killing girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

This would apply even if the 27-year-old was released early after serving one-sixth of his term - or 10 months - to serve the remainer under house arrest.

The International Olympic Committee and the International Association of World Athletics Federations, which controls able-bodied athletics events, declined to comment on Pistorius' case.

Man arrested after Canadian PM laid wreath at site of attack

A man was arrested at the National War Memorial in Ottawa earlier today shortly after Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harperlaid a wreath at the site where soldier Nathan Cirillo was fatally wounded yesterday.

The Prime Minister can be seen walking toward his car when across the street police draw their guns and force a man to the ground, where he was arrested.

A CBC reporter at the scene, said the man had crossed the police line during Harper's wreath-laying ceremony before he was arrested.

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