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PM: We can transform relationship with EU for the better

David Cameron has given a press conference after meeting with European leaders at a summit in the Latvian capital Riga.

The prime minister said he discussed proposals for EU reform which he said were necessary to "address the concerns of the British people".

"I believe we can find a way through all of these problems. I believe we can transform our relationship with Europe for the better and that is what I've now embarked upon", he added.

He confirmed that he would be meeting with French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel next week as well as the President of the European Commission and other leaders to discuss his proposals further.

"By working together in the right spirit and sticking at it, I believe we can reform the EU and our relationship with it and then the British people will have the final say in an in/out referendum.

"I want to give them a proper choice, staying in a reformed European Union or leaving...and that's why these talks are so important".


Families to pass on investigation evidence to coroner

The solicitor of the families of Bobby and Christi Shepherd has said they will pass on details of an ITV News investigation to the coroner to help with the "prevention of future deaths".

Solicitor Gemma Vine said: "We will take all of the evidence we get in particular the evidence from ITV News into account when we are looking at assisting the coroner with the prevention of future deaths.

"Anything to do with health and safety is going to be extremely important for us to consider as part of those suggestions."

  1. Chris Choi

Hotel 'did not know' of manager's convictions for child deaths

I think the latest developments will have ramifications across the industry.

What we're learning this lunchtime is that the third party hotel owners that were supplying Thomas Cook with the holiday accommodation will later today issue a statement, in which they admit that they did not know of the background of that hotel manager.

A detailed inspection has now been carried out at the hotel Credit: ITV News

They did not know, they say, that he had been convicted in connection with those deaths in Corfu.

Now, that is going to be something which will lead to an awful lot of soul-searching and debate, there'll be questions about what checks hotel groups should be making of their staff, should there be more robust systems in place, before people are put into positions like that.

There is, I have to say, no safety question about the hotel where he was working up until yesterday, it's our information this lunchtime that Thomas Cook has sent in safety experts, the've done a 350-point safety audit, and they have found no cause for concern.


BGT unlikely to be delayed by WWII bomb officials say

BGT unlikely to be delayed by WWII bomb officials say. Credit: PA

Filming of Britain's Got Talent is unlikely to be delayed as army bomb disposal experts are work to stabilise and defuse an unexploded World War II bomb discovered near Wembley Stadium.

  • A BGT spokesman says the disruption had "not been great".
  • This weekend's Football League play-offs will take place as planned, Wembley Stadium said.

The BGT spokesman said: "We were just about to start our rehearsal and were trying to build the set when the building was evacuated, so that process has been delayed for the moment.

"We are waiting to hear back from the police. It has not been great, but it is not detrimental at this stage."

EU chief to visit UK for reform talks on Monday

The President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker will visit Britain on Monday for talks with David Cameron on European Union reform, a UK official said during an EU summit in Latvia.

The prime minister has vowed to negotiate a change in the terms of Britain's membership of the union.

David Cameron speaks to European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in Latvia Credit: Reuters

Police: WWII Bomb will be detonated outside London

Army bomb disposal experts are working to stabilise and defuse an unexploded World War II bomb discovered near Wembley Stadium.

Chief Superintendent Michael Gallagher, borough commander for Brent said: "Our concern chiefly is for the safety and security of residents and people using businesses in that locality....which includes several iconic premises."

"I'm pleased to say that the operation itself has run incredibly smoothly. The public and the business community have been very calm and mature about their response to this.

"It's very very difficult to put a tight timescale around this...the army bomb disposal unit have various phases in an operation of this type. The main phase as far as making the bomb safe will only really be concluded once the bomb has been detonated."

He added that arrangements have been made to take the bomb to a detonation site outside of London.

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