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Tory MP: We need to scrap hospital car park charges

Conservative MP Robert Halfon has welcomed the introduction of free or cheap hospital parking for relatives of chronically ill patients - but has called for charges to be scrapped altogether.

In the long term I think we need to scrap hospital car parking charges completely because they are a stealth tax.

It was never envisaged that people with cars should be subsidising the NHS.

The stories that we've had of people not being able to use the machines so they haven't been able to see their dying relatives is quite horrific and we have to make a change.

– Conservative MP Robert Halfon



CCTV appeal after suspected burglars took the bus

Bus CCTV shows the wanted men.
Bus CCTV shows the wanted men. Credit: Greater Manchester Police

Police have managed to track down images of two burglary suspects from bus tickets recovered inside the coat of an intruder who broke into a Manchester home.

The 61-year-old victim was confronted by two burglars when he went to investigate a noise in the bedroom of his house in Churchstone Walk, Baguley, on May 17.

As the offenders left, the householder grappled with one of the men and was able to pull off his jacket.

It was only after they had gone that he noticed valuable and sentimental items of jewellery had been taken from his home.

As part of the police investigation, officers recovered bus tickets in the pocket of the jacket taken from the offender.

Police have now released CCTV images from the bus of two men they are keen to trace.

Anyone with information is asked to call Greater Manchester Police on 0161 856 4882, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

CCTV image of suspect.
A second suspect in the burglary investigation.
CCTV image of suspect.
CCTV image of suspect. Do you know these men? Credit: Greater Manchester Police

“The victim, a man in his 60s, was obviously taken aback to find two men rummaging through his bedroom.

“In the melee following the initial shock he has been able to remove a jacket from one offender and this has given us some positive lines of enquiry.

“From the jacket we recovered a ticket and from the ticket we identified a bus used by the offenders.

“Now we are releasing CCTV images of two suspects we would like to trace.

“We have made numerous efforts to identify the pair and we are now keen for any further help from the public.

“If anyone has any information that can assist – either about the two in the image or about the items stolen in the burglary - I would encourage them to contact us.”

– PC Rob Crossley, Greater Manchester Police

Security services 'zero in' on James Foley killer

The field of suspects in the murder of James Foley has been "narrowed down significantly" although a definitive identification has not yet been made, security sources told The Times, with the newspaper also reporting that police raids are set to be launched to find the killer.

Security services want to speak to an east London doctor who may provide clues on the British extremist, according to the Daily Express.

The Sun, meanwhile, identifies a 23-year-old former DJ as the man police want to question.

Two lorry drivers charged over Tilbury docks death

The man was found dead inside a shipping container on August 16th.
The man was found dead inside a shipping container on August 16th. Credit: PA

Two men have been charged over the death of a man found inside a shipping container at Tilbury docks in Essex earlier this month.

Stephen McLaughlin, 34, of Rose Park, Limavady, Londonderry and Timothy Murphy, 33 of Elmgrove, Londonderry, are both charged with conspiring to facilitate illegal entry into the UK, police said.

Both men are lorry drivers, police added.


Five aid lorries 'heading back to Russia'

Five trucks from a controversial Russian aid convoy have arrived at a border crossing as they return from Ukraine, according to reports.

Reuters report that other aid vehicles also appear to be heading for the crossing.

A convoy of 220 lorries carrying humanitarian aid had crossed the border into Ukraine without permission, causing international condemnation.

Cooper: 'More action' is needed to tackle British jihadists

More action is need to tackle the "serious problem" of British jihadists travelling to fight in Iraq and Syria, according to Labour's shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper.

Yvette Cooper said 'more action' was needed to respond to British jihadists.
Yvette Cooper said 'more action' was needed to respond to British jihadists. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

While she welcomed Home Secretary Theresa May's plans to toughen laws to tackle British nationals who travel to fight in Iraq and Syria, Cooper said there was a lack of support for community led approaches to preventing radicalisation.

She said: ""More action is needed to respond to the serious problem of people travelling to fight with Isil..... There remains no detail on things like civil powers to tackle extremists or extremist groups for people to consider."

She added: "The Home Secretary also needs to respond to the concerns raised by the current and previous Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation about the decision to weaken control orders, where they have advised that stronger measures should be put in place."

Children should be given 'smaller plates at mealtimes'

Parents should give their children smaller plates at mealtimes to help them lose weight, a leading health official has said.

Duncan Selbie, the head of Public Health England, told the Daily Telegraph it was a "national tragedy" so many young people were overweight, claiming the number of people with diabetes in Britain could treble over the next 20 years.

PA Wire
Parents should give their children smaller plates to help control their weight. Credit: PA Wire

He recalled an encounter with a mother of an overweight child from Manchester who had been raised on the idea that "you have to clear your plate".

"The child (her son) was overweight at school, and it was a definite problem," he told the newspaper.

"The prescription was that they brought them smaller plates. The child was back on track: he went on to be ahead of the class."

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