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Salmond suggests Tories have different views in private

Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond has told ITV News he believes the private words said by Tory politicians "are probably more convincing than the public words".

Highlighting leaked comments reportedly made by a senior cabinet minister, Salmond told Political Editor Tom Bradby: "The question for Scotland is do we believe the Conservative Party when they're speaking privately?

"Or do we believe them when they're trying to intimidate people in Scotland?"


IMF could provide extra $127m to deal with Ebola

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has said it could provide Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone with an extra $127m to fight the spread of the Ebola virus.

A woman being tested for fever - a symptom of Ebola, in Sierra Leone. Credit: TT News Agency/Press Association Images

The money has not been approved by the IMF's executive board, but it could help cover gaps in the west African nations' finances.

"The Ebola outbreak is a severe human, social and economic crisis that requires a resolute response from the international community," IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde said in a statement.

Three 'illegal immigrants' arrested on motorway

Three men suspected of immigration offences have been arrested after they were spotted falling from underneath a lorry on a motorway, police said.

A member of the public saw the men on M6 near West Bromwich around 9.15am, before they were arrested near the junction with the M5.

It appears that these men may have risked their lives trying to get into the country and a passing motorist reported seeing them fall from underneath a lorry and then making their way to the central reservation.

The men believed to be from Africa and who may have hidden on a lorry travelling from Calais will be dealt with by the UK Border Force.

– Sergeant Ian Williams

Two of the men were aged 33 and a 27, police said, adding that they were arrested on suspicion of immigration offences after apparently boarding a lorry in Calais, France.

'We've done in days what might take weeks or months'

The response to trying to find an Ebola vaccine is one of the fastest to any epidemic ever seen, the professor who is leading the British trial said.

Professor Adrian Hill told ITV News it was "totally unprecedented" and added: "I've never seen anything happen so quickly before in terms of getting a vaccine trial started.

"We've done in days what might take months, or certainly weeks, so it's been fantastic to see that in a month we've gone from deciding to do this to actually vaccinating people."

The professor warned "lots could go wrong" but said so far he believed the vaccine was safe.

The current trials are expected to commence in December after being tested on 140 people both in Britain and in Africa.

If the results show it has been successful, stockpiles of the drug will then be distributed to those most in need.


Cable: 'Businesses see 'Yes' vote as potential disaster'

The Business Secretary has said the "overwhelming bulk of businesses" considered a Yes vote as a potential disaster and called for them to speak out.

The overwhelming bulk of businesses regard it as potentially disastrous if Britain were to be broken up. It would have major potential effects on trade and business functioning within the UK.

But I think it would have a shattering effect on confidence. Mainly in Scotland but it would affect England too.

– Vince Cable speaking on LBC radio when asked about retailers

Vince Cable also warned that the effects on markets of the tightening of the race were "probably just a minor prelude" to the consequences of a "shattering" of confidence in the result of a vote in favour of splitting away from the UK.

Obama: Over 40 countries helping anti-IS effort

President Obama says "more than 40 countries" have offered to help in the fight against Islamic State terrorists.

He stressed that the US would not lead the fight alone, but would "do things differently" by building a strong international effort against the terror group, who are also known as Isis or Isil.

He told US military personnel: "We will lead a broad coalition of countries who have a stake in this fight because this is not simply America vs Isil, this is the people of the region fighting against Isil."

"It is the world rejecting the brutality of Isil and fighting for a better future for our children and our childrens' children - all of them," he added.

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