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Iraq PM 'totally opposed' to Arab nations joining strikes

Iraq's Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, has told the BBC he is "totally" opposed to Arab countries joining in the air strikes against Islamic State (IS) targets in his country.

British jets have joined in air strikes on Islamic State in Iraq. Credit: Sgt Ralph Merry/RAF/MoD Crown Co/PA Wire/Press Association Images

The US airforce and the RAF have both taken part in missions over Iraq as they try to support the Iraqi government's fight against IS.


Mould found growing on devices used to cradle sick babies

Mould has been found growing on a number of devices that are used to cradle sick babies while they are in hospital, health officials have warned.

Mould has been found growing on a number of devices in hospitals. Credit: Danny Lawson/PA Wire

Certain products used in neonatal care to support the body or head of an infant could potentially have mould growing on them, according to a Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) alert.

Philips Healthcare (Children's Medical Ventures), the manufacturer of the devices, earlier this year issued a safety notice urging medical professionals to disposed of some products.

The MHRA has now also issued an alert calling on health workers to get rid of the products.

The products medical professionals have been urged to dispose of: The Gel-E Donut - part numbers 92025-A, 92025-B, 92025-C - and Squishon 2 - part number 91033-2.

Cameron: How dare Labour lie about our NHS record

David Cameron has accused Labour of 'spreading lies' about his party's record on the NHS.

His personal plea about his love of the health service earned the Prime Minister his first standing ovation of the key-note speech.

From Labour last week, we heard the same old rubbish about the Conservatives and the NHS. They were spreading complete and utter lies.

I just think how dare you. The Labour Party which gave us the scandal of Mid Staffs, elderly people begging for water and dying of neglect.

How dare they suggest I would ever put that at risk for other people's children. How dare they frighten those who rely on our National Health Service.

– David Cameron

'Heartbroken' family appeal to missing Bristol teenager

The mother and father of Yusra Hussien, missing from her home in Bristol from September 24, have made a public appeal for her to return.

15-year-old Yusra Hussien has been missing since Wednesday 24th of September. Credit: Family handout

In a statement released to Avon and Somerset Police, the family said their distress was rising as each day passed.

As every day passes we become more and more concerned about her safety and welfare. Yusra, our daughter is a very young bright bubbly girl who is loved by not only her family but her peers, teachers and her community. She's a typical teenager.

The pain that we as parents feel, at not knowing her safety, is very distressing, and is something we believe every parent can relate too.There have been many assumptions and speculations claiming that Yusra is travelling to Syria, that she maybe an extremist, or that she is planning to become a jihadist bride all of which have not as of yet been proved with any concrete evidence.

Yusra we are missing you, if you are watching this please contact us, you are not in trouble and we are not angry with you. We just want you back home with us.

– The Hussien family


Hong Kong's leader jeered by pro-democracy protesters

Hong Kong's chief executive was jeered by pro-democracy protesters today when he attended a flag-raising event to mark China's National Day.

A protester wears a yellow ribbon as he blocks a street in Hong Kong. Credit: REUTERS/Carlos Barria

The demonstrators demanded that Leung Chun-ying resign from his position before turning their backs to him and falling silent as the ceremony started.

The event was carried out to mark the 65th anniversary of the founding of communist China.

Protesters, mostly students, have demanded that Leung step down after Beijing ruled out free elections for Hong Kong's leader.

The Chinese flag was also jeered by protesters when it was flown over the harbor in Hong Kong.

Demand high for Rugby World Cup 2015 tickets

England will fight for the World Cup on home soil. Credit: PA

Demand for next year's Rugby World Cup has been so high that ballots will take place for some seats for every match to determine who gets tickets.

At least 20 of the 48 matches will see a ballot held for all price categories with the demand also ensuring almost all of the lower price categories will be sold out even for the less high-profile games.

The sales window closed on Monday and the outcome of the ballots will be revealed in October, with any unsold tickets going on general sale in November.

Over 1,000 people took part in the world's biggest ever scrum to launch ticket sales in September. Credit: PA

England Rugby 2015 chief executive Debbie Jevans said: "We are very pleased with the demand for tickets and the number of applications.

"It is clear that, for many matches or price categories, demand has exceeded supply and every one of the 48 matches will go to ballot in at least one of the four price categories - and it is likely that at least 20 matches will be balloted at every price category.

"We will be running ballots in the next few weeks to ensure tickets are allocated fairly and will let all customers know the results of their applications by the end of October and before we take payments."

Cameron: Will 'scrap Human Rights Act once and for all'

The Conservatives will get rid of the European Human Rights Act if re-elected, David Cameron has told his party.

Mr Cameron said that since the law was written: "interpretations of that charter have led to a whole lot of things that are frankly wrong. Rulings to stop us deporting suspected terrorists...and now they want to give prisoners the vote."

So at long last, with a Conservative government after the next election, this country will have a new British Bill of Rights to be past in our parliament, rooted in our values and as for Labour's Human Rights Act - we will scrap it once and for all.

– David Cameron

Cameron unveils key Conservative election pledges

David Cameron during his keynote speech to delegates at the Conservative Party annual conference. Credit: Joe Giddens/PA Wire

Prime Minister David Cameron made several pledges if the Conservatives are re-elected during his key-note speech at the party conference, the key points include:

  • Raising the personal tax allowance, the rate at which people start paying tax, to £12,500
  • Raising the threshold for the country's 40% rate of income tax from £41,900 to £50,000
  • Scrapping exclusive zero hours contracts
  • The UK would have the most competitive corporate tax rates in the G20
  • Protecting spending on the NHS for a further five years
  • Scrapping the Human Rights Act
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