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What is the 100,000 Genomes Project?

The 100,000 Genomes Project announced today aims to map 100,000 complete DNA code sequences - the scale of which has never been attempted before.

  • About 75,000 patients with cancer and rare diseases, plus their close relatives, will have their whole genetic codes, aka genomes, sequenced
  • Cancer patients will have the DNA of both healthy and tumour cells mapped, creating 100,000 DNA code sequences in total
  • Scientists hope the project will be pivotal to the development of future personalised treatments based on genetics, revolutionising medicine

Ukrainian forces killed in fighting near MH17 site

Smoke rises above a damaged multi-storey block of flats following what locals say was shelling by Ukrainian forces in Shakhtarsk on 28 July.
Smoke rises above a damaged multi-storey block of flats following what locals say was shelling by Ukrainian forces in Shakhtarsk on 28 July. Credit: Reuters

Pro-Russian separatists killed at least 10 Ukrainian paratroopers in an overnight ambush in the region of east Ukraine where a Malaysian airliner was brought down, government forces have said.

The rebels said they had "captured good trophies" and pushed back government forces around the town of Shakhtarsk, where Kiev said a paratrooper unit moving from one base to another had come under mortar and tank fire.

Shakhtarsk is close to the rolling fields where Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 came down on, and fighting has raged around it for several days as the Ukrainian army tries to quell the separatist rebellion.


Swissport deny zero-hours contracts caused problems

Baggage handling company Swissport has denied claims zero-hours contracts were to blame for the disruption at Gatwick Airport last weekend.

Staff shortages at the company forced hundreds of passengers to go home without their luggage and left others waiting for up to five hours to reclaim their bags at the airport on July 27.

The scene at Gatwick Airport last weekend. Credit: @sophiewood64

The firm told ITV News' Chris Choi the "suggestion that issues may have been caused by zero hour contracts is untrue".

Despite warnings that passengers could face yet more problems this weekend, Swissport said all services this morning were meeting targets.

"Baggage services to client airlines to 7am this morning was good and within its targets. There were no appreciable delays," the company said.

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Human leg found at Dublin recycling plant

An investigation is under way after a human leg was found at a recycling plant in Ireland.

The alarm was raised last night when the body part was discovered at the Thornton's plant in Ballyfermot in west Dublin.

Part of the recycling centre in Killeen Road has been closed down for forensic examinations to take place.


Walsh 'to look at other options' if Gatwick issues remain

Willie Walsh, chief executive of British Airways parent company IAG, has told ITV News he is prepared to look at other options if baggage handlers Swissport fail to resolve their issues at Gatwick Airport.

Gatwick said Swissport had "failed to meet standards" after hundreds of passengers faced long delays to reclaim their baggage last weekend.

"I think they (Swissport) have some issues at Gatwick that they need to address, and if they don't address them to our satisfaction then we have options," he told ITV News' Chris Choi.

"At this stage we are working with them. We are satisfied they are putting the right measures in place and I'm confident they will resolve them

"If they don't we will certainly look at other opportunities."

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'At least four Palestinians' killed by Israeli tank fire

At least four Palestinians have been killed by Israeli tank fire nearly two hours after Israel and Hamas began a 72-hour ceasefire, AP reported citing Gaza officials.

Health ministry official Ashraf al-Kidra and Gaza police spokesman Ayman Batniji said 15 other Palestinians were wounded in shelling east of the city of Rafah.

The Israeli military said it was looking into the incident.

Israel claims it is 'only responding to Hamas attacks'

Israel has said it is "not initiating any fire" and is "only responding to Hamas attacks," following reports of mortar fire in the southern Gaza Strip.


Israel is not initiating any fire. We are only responding to Hamas attacks Hamas have now flagrantly violated ceasefire initiated by UN & US


UN declared Ceasefire lasted 2 hours before Hamas fired rockets and opened fire Is that ceasefire number 6 or 7 that Hamas has now breached?

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