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Parents: Briton with Ebola virus doing 'pretty well'

The family of the first Briton to catch the deadly Ebola virus say he seems to be "pretty well". William Pooley's parents Robbie and Jackie said the 29-year-old was showing "good signs" - including ordering a bacon sandwich for breakfast.

He's a lot better than we thought he might have been, we've only got what the medics tell us, but he's got a little step in there which the physio gave him so he can rebuild his strength, that in itself is a good enough sign I think, but he seems to be pretty well actually.

– Robin Pooley speaking to the BBC

The volunteer nurse was flown back to the UK for treatment after contracting the virus in Sierra Leone. Mr Pooley, who comes from the small village of Eyke in Suffolk, was airlifted back to Britain by a specially equipped C17 RAF jet, and is being treated in a specialist isolation ward at the hospital in Hampstead.

Parents of Ashya King behind bars in Spain

The parents of the five-year-old brain cancer patient Ashya King remain behind bars in Spain tonight, after telling a court there they don't want to return to the UK.

They have been detained for up to 72 hours, while the judge decides whether to allow their extradition to Britain.

Ashya himself is now being treated in Spain under police guard. The family claim they are not being allowed to visit him after they moved him from hospital in Southampton .

ITV News reporter Sejal Karia reports from Madrid:



Ashya's parents appear to be victims of bureaucracy

by Sejal Karia - reporter

Ashya King's parents are quite simply victims of bureaucracy it appears. The judge in Madrid who heard their case for the very first time today said that he had not received all the paperwork that he needs in a language that he understands, namely in Spanish.

He fears handing down a judgement in their case without being armed with all those facts. In the meantime he says that this couple should be detained in a jail, about 20 miles from Madrid. The Spanish authorities have argued that their hands are tied. Criminal procedures began when this couple were arrested under a European arrest warrant which was obtained by the British police.

British police would in turn argue that they have urged the couple to come forward voluntarily. But whatever the rights and wrongs are in this case, Ashya King's parents are being held in a Spanish prison, at least for the time being.

Labour 'unclear' on government anti-terror plans

Despite say that they were willing to work with the government on new anti-terrorism plans, the Shadow Home Secretary said that Labour were still "unclear" as to what anti-terror measures the government were proposing

I'm glad the Government has admitted it was a mistake to weaken counter-terror powers four years ago, and has agreed to our call for the return of the stronger powers.

More needs to be done, based on evidence, to stop people being drawn into extremism.

Labour will work with ministers on further proposals but it remains extremely unclear what they are actually proposing.

– Yvette Cooper MP
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