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Father hopes project can help his daughter in the future

Edward Sherley-Price, whose 11-year-old daughter Alysia has been diagnosed with a genetic condition, said he hopes a "landmark" genome project will help her in the future.

Mr Sherley-Price told Good Morning Britain, "Now we've got this diagnosis we are at the very first rung of possibly many rungs of the ladder.

"With the genome project we can really think about ... focusing on the research on the condition that Alysia has got.

"Hopefully in months and years to come more and more potential answers ... are going to come to fruition and maybe help Alysia in the future."

NHS 'one of world's go-to health services' on genetics

A scientist works on gene therapy.
David Cameron has announced a package of deals into gene therapy worth £300 milliom. Credit: ITV/Good Morning Britain

The NHS is set to become "one of the world's 'go-to' health services" for the development of innovative genomic testing, the head of NHS England has said.

Speaking as a "landmark" project to map 100,000 complete DNA code sequences was announced, Simon Stevens said:

The NHS' comparative advantage in unlocking patient benefits from the new genomic revolution stems from our unique combination of a large and diverse population, with universal access to care, multi-year data that spans care settings, world-class medicine and science, and an NHS funding system that enables upstream investment in prevention and new ways of working.

– NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens

'There is no safe place in Gaza,' doctor says

A doctor treating air strike and shelling victims at Gaza's largest hospital has told Good Morning Britain, "There is no safe place in Gaza".

Dr Belal Dabour said: "It's a disaster in Gaza ... Unless you live in it, unless you are going through it, you cannot imagine what's going on here.

"The long-term effects are immense and they may be more serious than the ongoing deaths from the bombs."


Mostly dry in southeast, locally heavy rain elsewhere

The southeast will have another mostly dry day with some bright spells, and it will remain fairly warm.

Weather map.
There will be outbreaks of locally heavy rain in many areas. Credit: Met Office

Elsewhere there'll be outbreaks of locally heavy rain, which will gradually give way to sunshine and showers across Northern Ireland and some other western areas.

Breezy across the far north and far southwest, but lighter winds elsewhere. The top temperature will be 23C (73F).

Gatwick baggage delays 'clearly a management failing'

The delays caused by baggage handling firm Swissport at Gatwick Airport are "clearly a management failure", according to the Shadow Transport Secretary.

Mary Creagh told Good Morning Britain there had been "a failure to plan adequately for the summer peak" and called for "strong action" by airports, airlines and Swissport/

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