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'Stephen is something special' say supporters

One of those supporting Stephen Sutton in his bid to raise £1m for the Teenage Cancer Trust has been speaking about the reaction to Stephen's campaign.

Lee Woodward, who met Stephen because his wife works at Stephen's school, said he was not surprised the funding drive had been so successful.

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RAF scramble aircraft as Russians approach UK airspace

by - Deputy Political Editor
A Typhoon jet takes off from RAF Northolt in west London in 2012. Credit: Reuters

The Ministry of Defence says Typhoon jets were scrambled when Russian aircraft came close to UK airspace have now returned to their base.

The RAF jets were put on alert earlier today.

It's not an entirely unusual occurrence however. British jets have been scrambled in a similar way around eight times in the last year.


Mark Shand 'had been at charity auction on night of fall'

The 62-year-old brother of the Duchess of Cornwall is in a New York hospital with a serious head injury after a fall in the city.

Mark Shand photographed with his sister the Duchess of Cornwall at a charity event in 2010. Credit: Press Association

The Daily Mirror reports that Mr Shand had been attending a charity auction at Sotherby's in New York on the night of the fall. He was later at an after party for the event, when he stepped outside for a cigarette and slipped and hit his head on the pavement.

Steven Gerrard's cousin remembered at Hillsborough inquests

Jon-Paul Gilhooley from Liverpool was Steven Gerrard’s cousin and, aged 10, was the youngest to die at Hillsborough in 1989.

A pen portrait of Jon-Paul was read out by family members saying that he "was our world."

(File photo) Jon-Paul Gilhooley. Credit: ITV News

Read on her behalf by his cousins Paula Kadiri and Donna Ridland, the pen portrait by his mother Jacqueline said:

"Jon-Paul loved all his family. When he was 8 he went to a jumble sale and bought small bottles of perfume for me, his two aunties and three cousins.

"He was very loving and affectionate."

Mrs Gilhooley told the jury that after hearing about the Hillsborough Disaster she knew her son wouldn't be coming back:

"I knew before 3.30 on the day of Hillsborough that Jon-Paul was gone.

"Jon-Paul had his life taken away at just 10 years old. He had been denied a chance at fulfilling his life, meeting new friends, getting married, carving out a career and having children.

"To the world Jon-Paul was a football fan, but to us he was our world."

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Camilla's brother suffers serious head injury in fall

The brother of the Duchess of Cornwall - Mark Shand - has been taken to hospital with a serious head injury following a fall in New York.

Camilla's brother Mark Shand (in a blue shirt) with the Prince of Wales. Credit: Press Association

A Clarence House spokesman said: "The Duchess of Cornwall's brother, Mark Shand, has been taken to a New York hospital after falling and sustaining a serious head injury.

The Duchess, her family and The Prince of Wales are clearly deeply concerned and are being kept closely informed."


Clegg's wife presses Nick on 'men's testosterone'

by - Political Correspondent

Sometimes politicians can pick and chose who they take questions from after a speech. Not this time.

When Nick Clegg spotted that his wife Miriam had raised her hand in a Question and Answer session he couldn't really pretend he hadn't.

He looked to me pretty shocked about it too; 'I am terrified about what is about to come' he said.

And then she asked her question. You can hear it all here but she ended by asking him to agree that for a man to look after his children does not affect his level of testosterone and that men who treat women as equals have the most "cojones". Wow.

Not many politicians have taken public questions from their spouses and I'm fairly sure none have taken a question involving testosterone and cojones (Spanish for 'balls' in case you wondered).

The Deputy Prime Minister very wisely started his answer by saying he of course agreed with his wife, "How would I do anything else?". Perhaps it was a moment for consideration before cojones.

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Cancer charity: Stephen an 'extraordinary person'

The boss of the Teenage Cancer Trust charity says Stephen Sutton is an 'extraordinary person', who has given the charity an 'extraordinary 24 hours', after raising more than £1million.

Siobhan Dunn, the charity's Chief Executive, said they were a relatively small charity that raises £12million each year, but Stephen has managed more than £1million by himself.

She added that Stephen had done all he could to raise funds for the charity, as seven young people a day are diagnosed with cancer.

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