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Labour pledge 'long way from where we need to get'

The GMB union has welcomed Ed Miliband's recognition of zero-hours contracts "exploitation", but said the Labour leader's proposals are "a long way from where we need to get".

GMB general secretary Paul Kenny said the safeguards pledged were "a starting block to get proposals that are fit for purpose."

File photo of call centre workers
Ed Miliband is set to promise new rights for workers to stop the 'worst abuses' of zero-hours contracts. Credit: Richard Pohle/The Times/PA Wire

"Those at the top getting more than their fair share is the major reason for the growth in precarious forms of jobs like zero hours, bogus self-employment, agency and temporary work, very short hours, part time jobs, flexible and casual employment," he added.

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Ryan Giggs to face the press

Ryan Giggs Credit: PA

Ryan Giggs will face the press today for the first time as interim manager of Manchester United.

An announcement from the club came shortly after David Moyes was sacked. The club later confirmed the club's longest serving player will handle first-team responsibilities until a replacement has been found.

The Reds will play their first game since David Moyes was sacked tomorrow when they take on Norwich.


Miliband: Zero-hours contracts 'like an epidemic'

Labour leader Ed Miliband believes zero-hour contracts have "spread like an epidemic across our economy".

"The Government's own figures say they have increased three-fold since 2010 and some estimates suggest there are one million people on these contracts across the UK," Mr Miliband is set to say in a speech later today

Labour leader Ed Miliband.
Ed Miliband has pledged a Labour Government would give new rights to workers. Credit: Lynne Cameron/PA Wire/Press Association Images

He has pledged that a Labour Government would create a number of safeguards, including legal rights against being forced to be available at all hours - and being barred from working for others - when no work is being guaranteed.

Anyone working regular hours for six months would have the right to ask for a fixed-hours contract and it would be automatic after a year unless the individual opted out.

Reducing foreign prisoners 'top priority' for government

Justice Minister Jeremy Wright says the government is "working hard" to reduce the number of foreign criminals in the UK prison system.

The foreign national prisoner population is lower than it was in 2010 and reducing it further is a top priority for this Government.

We are working hard to reduce the numbers in our prison system - in 2012 alone we deported more than 4,500 foreign criminals from the UK."

– Jeremy Wright, Justice Minister

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Miliband promises new zero-hours rights

Ed Miliband will today promise new rights for workers to stop the "worst abuses" of zero-hours contracts - the arrangements where workers do not have regular fixed shifts.

Ed Miliband will promise to give extra protection to workers on zero-hours contracts Credit: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

Among the measures the Labour leader will outline are new rights to stop employees being forced to be available at all hours and a curb on companies who ban their staff from working elsewhere.

The opposition are also looking at guaranteeing compensation if staff have their shifts cancelled at late notice.


Families threaten hunger strikes in MH370 protest

by - China Correspondent
Family members camp outside the Malaysian Embassy.
Family members camp outside the Malaysian Embassy. Credit: Lucy Watson/ITV News

Family members of passengers on board MH370 have spent the night outside the Malaysian Embassy in Beijing in protest at the lack of technical information they've received from the Malaysian government.

Angry families are demanding answers from the Malaysian government. Credit: Lucy Watson/ITV News

They are now demanding that someone in a position of significant seniority holds a meeting with them, and answers their questions.

Some of them are also threatening to go on hunger strike.

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Fifteen-year-old arrested after break-in murder

A 15-year-old boy has been arrested in connection with the death of a man murdered during a break-in.

The boy was detained last night and is being held in custody at a police station in south London, Scotland Yard said.

The victim, believed to be in his late 30s, was found with serious injuries on Tuesday evening by police and paramedics at an address in Huntingfield Road, Roehampton, south London.

An air ambulance crew arrived but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Britons in Syria 'may be getting in way of rebellion'

A terrorism expert has said the Britons going to Syria to fight the Assad regime are generally doing so for "sincere reasons" but may end up making the situation worse for rebel forces.

Dr Shiraz Maher of King's College London said:

Most British jihadists go to Syria for sincere reasons to help in what they believe is a struggle against oppression but many don't appreciate the reality on the ground.

There are around 10 British women out there, we believe, and most have travelled to Syria with their husbands.

They go believing they will fight jihad to overthrow Assad but may actually be getting in the way of the rebellion by joining groups and fuelling the infighting they are involved in.

Ten British women 'may be fighting in Syria'

A female rebale fighter assembles a rifle in an Aleppo mosque.
A female rebale fighter assembles a rifle in an Aleppo mosque. Credit: Reuters

Ten British women may have travelled to Syria to join the fight against the Assad regime's forces, according to experts.

The Daily Mirror reports that the women could have joined up with an extremely violent Islamist group called 'Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, which is so brutal it has reportedly even been disowned by al-Qaeda.

Terrorism expert Shiraz Maher, from King's College London, told the paper there were "around 10 British women out there", most of whom have accompanied their husbands.

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