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McDonnell: Poll results 'success' despite pundits claims

The shadow chancellor said Labour had enjoyed a 'remarkable success' Credit: PA

Labour enjoyed a "remarkable success" across the country, despite the party's dismal poll results in Scotland, Labour's shadow chancellor John McDonnell has said.

"Pundits were predicting we'd be losing hundreds of seats and we haven't, in fact we have gained many," he told journalists at the London Assembly count centre at Kensington Olympia, where he was supporting Labour candidates.

"We've held on to councils we've targeted. It looks as though we're going to take London, we're going to take GLA [Greater London Authority] seats as well."

Commenting on Labour's poor performance in Scotland, he said: "Scotland is sad, it will take us years to recover. But the party will rebuild."

Livingstone blames 'divisive Labour MPs' for party's losses

Livingstone said it was 'far right' Labour MPs stoking division that had been cost the party seats Credit: PA

Ken Livingstone has denied his comments about Adolf Hitler and Zionism, which plunged the Labour party into a row over alleged anti-semitism just days ahead of the elections, had been detrimental to Labour's poll results.

Speaking on Sky News, the former London Mayor said it was "far right" Labour MPs stoking division in the party that had been cost the party seats.

He later told the BBC that the "anti-Semitism nonsense" had effected the elections, including Sadiq Khan's campaign to become mayor of London.

He said: "I think it's definitely been damaging and I say to those Labour MPs that made this into a great issue and demanded my suspension, you have cost us seats all over the country."


Spurs midfielder Dembele receives six-game ban

Mousa Dembele won't play for while. Credit: PA

Spurs midfielder Mousa Dembele has been handed a six-game ban by the Football Association following his clash with Chelsea striker Diego Costa.

Mousa Dembele will serve a six-match suspension with immediate effect after he committed an act of violent conduct which was not seen by the match officials but caught on video.

The Tottenham Hotspur midfielder accepted the charge but denied The FA’s claim that the standard punishment of three matches which would otherwise apply to this offence was clearly insufficient.

An Independent Regulatory Commission upheld The FA’s claim at a hearing today [Friday 6 May 2016] and ordered that an additional three-match suspension was appropriate.

The player was involved in an incident with Chelsea’s Diego Costa in or around the 45th minute of the fixture at Stamford Bridge on Monday [2 May 2016].

– FA Statement


Sturgeon confirms she will form minority SNP government

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed she will not seek to form a coalition with another party.

The SNP (Scottish National Party) fell two seats short of an overall majority - winning 63 of 129 seats available - but with such a "large group of MSPs elected", Ms Sturgeon said she saw no need to seek a "formal arrangement".

Instead, she said, when the Scottish Parliament reconvenes in the coming days, she would ask them to formally re-elect her as First Minister, and she will then form a minority SNP government.

"We won a clear and unequivocal mandate, and I secured the personal mandate I sought to implement the bold and ambitious programme for government that I asked the country to vote for," she said.

On the question of independence, she added, the SNP would make their case " with passion, with patience and with respect", saying their aim was to "persuade, not to divide".

We will always respect the opinion of the people - now and in the future - and we simply ask that other parties do likewise.

To those who voted for me yesterday, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have given me a precious opportunity to change this country for the better and I promise to seize it with both hands.

To those who did not vote for me, I promise I will never stop striving to earn your trust and support.

– Nicola Sturgeon

She said she had a "duty" to "rise above party politics", and to govern in the best interests of all of the country as a whole.

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