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Tory in-fighting a 'diversion' from informed debate about the EU, says Ken Clarke

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Voters are fed up with critics of the Prime Minister turning the EU referendum campaign into a "kind of leadership bid", says Ken Clarke.

The former Justice Secretary suggested that pro-Leave campaigners were more interested in ousting David Cameron than contributing to an informed debate about EU membership.

Mr Clarke spoke following a weekend of upheaval in which backbench MPs called Mr Cameron "corrosive" and a "liar" as they planned to topple him even if Remain wins the referendum.

Mr Clarke called for an end to Tory in-fighting on Radio 4's Today programme: "The public are getting fed up with Tory civil wars when they thought they were being asked about the future of this country for their children and grandchildren.

"All this stuff about whether one or two backbenchers have signed letters calling for David Cameron to resign, I think most of the public would agree, is a bit of a diversion."

Rescued footballer Alan Pulido appears in public

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Mexico footballer Alan Pulido has appeared in public for the first time since he was rescued from kidnappers.

The 25-year-old appeared outside state police offices with one of his hands bandaged, alongside Tamaulipas governor Egidio Torre Cantu.

"The most important thing is that he is here. He is with us," Torre Cantu said.

Pulido was kidnapped by an armed group outside his his hometown of Ciudad Victoria as he left a party.

The Tamaulipas security coordination group for Mexico's security forces said in a statement early Monday that the rescue occurred shortly before midnight.

The statement said Pulido was being medically assessed.

Britain 'at risk' due to lack of coastal patrol boats

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A former head of the Royal Navy has said that Britain is at risk from terrorists and traffickers because there are not enough boats patrolling UK waters.

Lord West told the Daily Mail that the situation was a "complete mess", as just three Border Force vessels patrol 7,700 miles of coastline.

Lord West said: "Already we have seen these illegal immigrants and I don't believe there aren't clever traffickers using the smaller ports to send them and I'm sure terrorists are aware of the route too.

"We need to get a grip on this. We are taking a gamble that nothing will ever happen in our seas and that is a risky view to take given the dangerous world we are in."

John Vine, who was independent chief inspector of borders and immigration until two years ago, said that despite warnings about the threat, there were not "sufficient resources" being given over to the issue.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4, he said: "I think it is reasonable to assume that this is something that might have been happening and if this is now the start of a new trend we certainly need to gather the intelligence and the resources to nip it in the bud."

He added: "We have seen the tragedies that have occurred in the Mediterranean.

"I am not a nautical person but I would have thought crossing the Channel - with all the hazards in terms of cross-Channel traffic as well as the weather and the sea conditions - are going to mean there is an equal chance of people losing their lives unless this is stopped."

Rescued Mexico footballer Alan Pulido 'safe and sound'

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Mexican authorities have released a photo on their Twitter account saying the footballer Alan Pulido was "rescued safe and sound".

The 25-year-old was kidnapped on Sunday by an armed gang after leaving a friend's party in the city of Ciudad Victoria.

Pulido appeared with one of his hands bandaged, alongside Tamaulipas governor Egidio Torre Cantu.


UK is 'woefully unprepared' in dealing with migrant crisis

The UK is "woefully unprepared" and "woefully ill-equipped" to deal with people smugglers, according to a border security expert.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain, Chris Hobbs, a former Special Branch officer, said "the Home office [is] playing catch-up" in dealing with the migrant coastal threat.

"Only now is the government is springing into any sort of action, and you have to question why... they really should have been well-prepared for something like this".

The border security expert also raised concern the threat posed by migrants crossing the English Channel could involve more than people smuggling.

"It's a question of firearms, it's a question of drugs", with the police marine units guarding the coastline "under threat because of cutbacks. It's not a pretty picture along our coastline."

Kidnapped footballer Alan Pulido has been rescued

Credit: Reuters

Footballer Alan Pulido has been rescued after being kidnapped, according to Mexican authorities.

The Tamaulipas security co-ordination group for Mexico's security forces said in a statement that the rescue happened shortly before midnight on Sunday night.

The statement adds that the footballer is being medically assessed.

Pulido, 25, a forward for Greek team Olympiacos, disappeared from his hometown on Saturday night after being "intercepted by armed people".

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