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Showers in the north spread as all areas become cooler

Prepare yourself for a real step change with the weather over the next few days. Gone are the very settled and very warm conditions of the last few days, increasingly replaced by much more unsettled weather with showers spreading in to all areas, feeling a lot cooler as well. Our culprit is the jet stream which is sort of a conveyor belt for weather systems.

Kylie to top bill at Glasgow 2014 closing ceremony

Kylie Minogue will top the bill at the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games alongside Scottish favourites Lulu, Deacon Blue and Dougie Maclean.

More than 2,000 volunteer performers will take part in Glasgow 2014's sign-off event at Hampden Park on August 3.

Kylie Minogue
Australian pop star Kylie has recently released her 12th studio album, Kiss Me Once. Credit: Lionel Hahn/ABACA USA/Empics Entertainment

The ceremony will be broadcast to a television audience of an estimated one billion across 71 Commonwealth nations and territories.

USA 'extremely concerned' over shelling of UN shelter

The White House said it condemned the shelling of a UN school in the Gaza strip that was sheltering displaced Palestinians.

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Children injured in the attack on the UN school sheltering those fleeing their homes.
Children injured in the attack on the UN school sheltering those fleeing their homes. Credit: ITV News

The US did not say Israel was responsible for the shelling, but officials in Gaza said Israel struck the school, killing 15 and wounding 90.

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Israeli's military said it fired back after soldiers were targeted by mortar rounds launched from the vicinity of the school.

White House spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan also said the US is "extremely concerned" that thousands of Palestinians aren't safe in designated shelters, despite being told by Israel's military to leave their homes. She also condemned those hiding weapons in UN facilities.

All of these actions, and similar ones earlier in the conflict, are inconsistent with the UN's neutrality. This violence underscores the need to achieve a cease-fire as soon as possible.

– Bernadette Meehan


17 dead in airstrikes as Shijaiyah market is hit twice

by - Correspondent

By ITV News correspondent Dan Rivers

In the last couple of hours there was an airstrike in Shijaiyah Market. The initial strike brought crowds of people - as you would expect trying to help the injured - along with ambulances that turned up.

And then there was a second strike in almost exactly the same place about five minutes later. All told, 17 were dead including a Palestinian journalist, with 200 injured. It brought dramatic and brutal end to the ceasefire that the Israelis had offered up - a four hour ceasefire.

Watch: 'Bloodbath' as Gaza market hit by deadly strikes

In the first two hours of that ceasefire Hamas fired 26 rockets. There have been more explosions here in Gaza in the last few minutes. There is no sign that this war is ending.

More: At least 15 dead after strikes hit shopping area

Gaza death toll rises relentlessly with more casualties

The death toll in Gaza has risen relentlessly with at least 30 more Palestinians and three more Israeli soldiers - the wounded are measured in the hundreds. Israel claimed rockets had been fired from one of the targets - a UN enclave Israel had been repeatedly told was a refuge for civilians feeling the fighting.

The wounded were taken to the same hospital that was overwhelmed last Thursday with casualties from an earlier attack.

A warning - our report contains images you may find disturbing.

ITV News correspondent Dan Rivers reports:

Liberia closes all schools in bid to halt Ebola outbreak

The Liberian government has closed all schools across the country and placed a number of communities in quarantine to attempt to halt the worst Ebola outbreak on record spreading across West Africa.

All non-essential government workers have been placed on 30-day compulsory leave, while a security force has been dispatched to enforce the latest safety measures across the country.

'Bloodbath' as Gaza market hit by deadly strikes

Witnesses at the Shijaiyah market said a series of strikes hit at short intervals whilst people were shopping during the partial ceasefire announced by the Israeli military earlier today.

The military have not commented on the strikes.

The area next to a petrol station was hit and a fire engulfed the densely populated area near the market. Then more strikes hit the market directly, according to local reports. Witness Salim Qadoum said:

The area now is like a bloodbath, everyone is wounded or killed. People lost their limbs and were screaming for help. It's a massacre. I vomited when I saw what happened.

– Salim Qadoum

Graphic video footage recorded at the scene showed scores of injured people and several dead bodies.

108 Palestinians have died today in airstrikes and shelling across Gaza today.

Israel said three soldiers were killed after a house Palestinians had rigged with explosives collapsed after they identified an entrance to a tunnel inside.

More than a dozen soldiers were wounded in heavy fighting, it said.

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