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Poll suggests big Ukip win in Clacton by-election

Ukip look set to win the Clacton by-election convincingly, according to a new poll.

The by-election follows the decision by MP Douglas Carswell to defect from the Conservatives to Nigel Farage's party.

Nigel Farage and Douglas Carswell on a walkabout in Clacton.
Nigel Farage and Douglas Carswell on a walkabout in Clacton. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire/Press Association Images

The Survation poll for the Mail on Sunday has Ukip on 64%, way ahead of the Tories on 20%, with Labour on 13% and the Lib Dems on just 2%.

Mr Carswell's personal appeal has helped the Ukip cause, with one in three respondents (34%) saying they would vote Ukip because they like him.

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Ashya's father: 'We are not neglecting our son'

The father of missing child Ashya King has insisted he is not "neglecting" his son and urged police to "call off this ridiculous chase".

In a video uploaded to a YouTube account belonging to Ashya's brother Naveed, Brett says that the family went abroad to seek a procedure called "proton beam treatment" in Czechoslovakia.

We decided to try and sort it out ourselves, but now we're refugees almost. We can't do anything. The police now are after us. The things we wanted to do to raise the money to pay for the proton beam [treatment], they have prevented it now ... Call off this ridiculous chase. We are not neglecting our son. He is in perfectly good health ... We just want t be left in peace.

– brett, ashya's father

Currency union rejected by 44% in new poll

Over 40% of people across Britain do not believe there should be currency union if Scotland becomes a independent, according to a new poll.

Over 40% of people surveyed across Britain rejected a currency union with Scotland.
Over 40% of people surveyed across Britain rejected a currency union with Scotland. Credit: Danny Lawson/PA Wire

Asked the question: "If Scotland votes for independence should there be a currency union?" 44% replied with "no," the Springboard UK poll for the Sunday Express found.

A total of 22% welcomed sharing the pound while the remainder said they were not sure.

The poll of 2,008 people was carried out on August 28 was carried out in England, Wales and Scotland.

Of those polled in Scotland however, 60% said they were in support of a currency union, while 21% were opposed and 19% did not know.


Missing boy alive and alert in new family video

The family of missing five-year-old Ashya King has uploaded a new video showing the youngster alive and apparently alert.

In the video, King's father Brett gives a lengthy explanation as to why he took his son out of hospital in Southampton to seek "proton beam treatment" - a procedure not available under the NHS.

He says: "We decided to try and sort it out ourselves, but now we're refugees ... the police now are after us."

"I'm not coming back to England if I cannot give him the treatment I want," he adds.

Police: Five-year-old Ashya King found alive in Spain

Five-year-old Ashya King, who was taken from a Southampton hospital without doctors' consent, has been found alive in Spain, Hampshire Constabulary have said.

Five-year-old Ashya King has been found, police say.
Five-year-old Ashya King has been found, police say. Credit: Hampshire Constabulary

On its Facebook page, the force said: "Ashya has been found. He is in Spain with his mum and dad. Police are speaking to his mum and dad and we are waiting to hear on Ashya's condition."

New terror powers 'could endanger our liberties'

Politicians should not act as "cheerleaders" for the intelligence and security services, according to former Liberal Democrat leader Lord Ashdown.

Lord Ashdown has criticised new terror powers.
Lord Ashdown has criticised new terror powers. Credit: PA

Writing in The Observer newspaper he said the Conservative Party had used the decision to raise the terror threat level "to tell us how frightened we should be and why this required a range of new powers for them to exercise".

He added that the new range of executive powers "could endanger our liberties."

He said: "Of course, in these circumstances, the police and the security services will lead the clamour for more powers. They are charged by us to maintain our safety."

He added: "But it is the job of politicians to act, not as cheerleaders for those demands, but as jealous protectors of our liberties who measure any demand for their reduction against necessity, supported by evidence."

Prison lifer recaptured after three months on the run

A convicted armed robber who absconded from an open prison three months ago has been recaptured by police.

Paul Oddysses, 49, was serving a life sentence for armed robbery and attempted robbery when he was reported missing from Hollesley Bay open prison in Suffolk on 24th May.

He was arrested on Thursday in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, and today charged with one count of robbery in relation to an incident at a pub and one count of taking a vehicle without consent.

Oddysses was one of three prisoners to go on the run over the bank holiday weekend in May. The other two prisoners, Lewis Powter, 30, and Wayne McLeod, 36, have both been returned to custody.

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