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Royal Navy members charged with sexual assault named

Four members of the Royal Navy have been charged with sexual assault. Craig Stoner, 24, Darren Smalley, 35, Joshua Finbow, 23, and Simon Radford, 31, were each charged with one count of sexual assault by the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service (CFNIS).

Royal Navy members charged with sexual assault named. Credit: PA

In a statement on the Government of Canada website, Lieutenant-Colonel Francis Bolduc, Commanding Officer of the CFNIS, said: "This is a disturbing accusation of sexual assault.

"I'm pleased with the full cooperation provided by the British authorities to support the hard work and diligence of the CFNIS team in responding to this matter."

The Associated Press reported that the men were charged for their role in a "group sexual assault" in barracks in Shearwater, Nova Scotia.

The Ministry of Defence said the four Royal Navy members have appeared in court charged with sexual assault under the Criminal Code of Canada 272.

Farage: Labour's immigration plan is a 'diversion'

Ukip leader Nigel Farage has dismissed Labour's plan to tackle immigration enforce strong borders and tackle the exploitation of workers as a "diversion".

Mr Farage said: "It's a big diversion. Labour will talk about anything but open borders. It was the Labour government that opened up the door to 10 former communist countries to have unlimited access into this country. That's the debate that Ed Miliband simply won't have."

Tories: Labour 'haven't changed' on immigration

The Conservatives have accused Labour of increasing net migration "more than five-fold", claiming the party "haven't changed".


Australian PM: Terror plot to 'attack police officers'

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said that an "Isis-inspired terror plot" was believed to involve "attacks against police officers on Anzac Day".

He said: "There were a series of raids in metropolitan Melbourne. Five people were arrested. We are expecting three to be charged. Two will be charged with preparing a terrorist act. The act that we believe was in preparation involved attacks against police officers on Anzac Day."

Salmond: Miliband 'foolish' to rule out SNP coalition

The former SNP leader has stepped up the pressure on Labour leader Ed Miliband with a fresh warning that he will find it difficult to avoid doing some form of deal with the Scottish nationalists in the event of another hung parliament.

Salmond: Miliband 'foolish' to rule out SNP coalition. Credit: PA

Alex Salmond who is bidding to return to Westminster - said all parties would have to face up to the "electorate's judgment" after polling day on May 7.

I think that after the election every Westminster politician will have to come and face the reality of the electorate's judgment

There is no disrespect or disgrace in any politician coming to terms with the democratically expressed position of the electorate.

All politicians, those of us who are lucky enough to be elected, chosen by the people, will try to do their best as they see it in the interests of the people who elected them.

– Mr Salmond speak to the BBC Radio 4 Today programme

He said Mr Miliband had been "foolish" to rule out a coalition with the SNP - even though it was not really on the cards - and suggested that he reacted because he was "under pressure from the Conservative press".

Fine with bright sunshine up to a high of 16C

It will be a fine and bright day today with plenty of sunshine.

A fine and bright day today with plenty of sunshine. Credit: Met Office

There will be some patchy cloud around the coast, but there will be sunny spells for all. Temperatures will reach highs of 16C (61 F) but where the wind is strong along southern coasts it will feel cooler.

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