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'Labour has serious re-building to do in Scotland'

Shadow home secretary Andy Burnham Credit: Pool

Shadow home secretary Andy Burnham has said that Labour has "serious re-building" to do following the party's slide behind the Tories in the Scottish Parliament elections.

Labour has lost support in Scotland.

The job of rebuilding Scotland ... will have to be hard won over the years, rebuilding that bond of trust that we had with the Scottish electorate, obviously that has been broken and there's longterm job of work to be done to rebuild that.

– Andy Burnham

Nicola Sturgeon declared the SNP has "made history" by winning a third term in government at Holyrood - but the party failed to reach a majority.


Neil Hamilton elected as Ukip assembly member in Wales

Neil Hamilton has become the sixth Ukip candidate to take a seat in the Welsh Assembly.

Nigel Farage's Ukip made history after winning their first place in the Senedd - despite the party being opposed to the Assembly's existence until 2013.

Neil Hamilton has been elected as Ukip Assembly member in Wales Credit: PA

Nathan Gill and Michelle Brown were selected for the North Wales regional list, Mark Reckless and David Rowlands were elected in in South Wales East, while Caroline Jones won a seat in South Wales West.

Hamilton, who is the party's deputy chairman, rose to fame implicated in the 1990s but later dropped out of the public eye when he was implicated in a cash for questions scandal.


Cameron congratulates Davidson on 'historic result'

Prime Minister David Cameron has congratulated Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson an securing an "historic result" for the party.

The Conservatives more than doubled their number of seats in the Scottish Parliament elections, up to 31 from the 15 secured in 2011.

It puts the Tories in second place at Holyrood for the first time since devolution.

SNP fails to secure second majority in Holyrood parliament

Nicola Sturgeon declared the SNP has "made history" by winning a third term in government at Holyrood Credit: PA

The SNP has failed to secure a second majority at Holyrood, winning 63 of the 129 seats at the Scottish Parliament.

The Scottish Conservatives had their best ever result, securing 31 MSPs, while Labour suffered its worst result since devolution with 24 MSPs.

'This will be a seismic change in Scottish politics'

Scottish Secretary David Mundell has hailed a "seismic change" in politics politics north of the border after an election night which looks set to put the Conservatives as the official opposition.

David Mundell praised Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson Credit: PA

The Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale MP praised Scotland's Tory leader Ruth Davidson for pushing the party into second place ahead of Labour.

He said the results were "good for Scotland, good for the Scottish Parliament".

Ruth has demonstrated throughout this campaign that she is the one politician that can go toe-to-toe with Nicola Sturgeon, that she can stand up to demands for a second referendum.

She can also scrutinise the SNP and make sure they deliver on promises they have made on health, on education, and I think by doing that we will get better government and that will be good for everyone in Scotland. It will be a seismic change in Scottish politics that the Scottish Conservatives are the second party in the Scottish Parliament.

I was a candidate back in those first elections in 1999, it would have been incredible to think the Scottish Conservatives could have finished ahead of Labour and be the official opposition.

It demonstrates that Ruth has transformed our party in Scotland, taken it forward and given us, I hope, a very significant role in the next Scottish Parliament.

– David Mundell, Scottish Secretary
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