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Smoking ban saves 'thousands of children' from illness

The smoking ban has been hailed as a success Credit: NIKKI SHORT / AAP

Tens of thousands of children have been spared illness and lung infections as a result of the smoking band in England.

The 2007 law that made it illegal to smoke indoors in public places has meant that 11,000 fewer children are hospitalised each year, according to a study. The sharpest falls were seen in the most deprived children

Dr Carlos Jimenez-Ruiz, from the European Respiratory Society, said: "The findings of this new study add more weight to the argument that smoke-free legislation is a valuable tool in reducing the health harms of smoking, particularly in children."


Fifa presidential election: How the voting will work

Sepp Blatter is favourite to win Credit: Patrick Seeger / DPA

Fifa's presidential election will be held in Zurich today, despite the spectre of corruption hanging over the organisation. This is how the voting procedure will work.

Sepp Blatter and Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein will both have opportunities to address the Fifa Congress.

Each of Fifa's 209 associations should have a vote, in secret, although a few can face disqualification for reasons such as not playing in competitions.

If either candidate achieves two thirds of the eligible vote in the first round then he wins outright - if there are 209 votes that means 139 is needed to win outright.

If there is no outright victory, the winner will simply be whoever gains more votes in the second round.


Ex-Fifa bigwig Jack Warner leaves jail in ambulance

Warner (green shirt) is escorted to jail on Wednesday

Former Fifa vice-president Jack Warner has left jail in Trinidad in an ambulance, according to reports.

Warner, who was forced to spend a night in the cells after complications with his bail terms, was one of more than a dozen executives charged by US authorities in a major corruption investigation.

A prison official said that Warner had complained of exhaustion.

He is facing charges in the States which include conspiracy to defraud and engaging in racketeering. He has not entered a plea and is expected to appear in court in July.

Sponsors turn on Fifa amid corruption claims

Worried that their reputations will be tarnished by their links to Fifa, major sponsors are demanding football's global governing body clean up its act.

Visa has even warned it is prepared to jump ship, saying it expects the organisation to take "swift and immediate steps to address" its issues.

Coca-Cola also made it clear it is unhappy with the scandals rocking the organisation it and others support with millions of dollars a year.

ITV News Economics Editor Richard Edgar reports:

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