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Heatwave gradually giving way

by - ITV Weather Presenter

We're spoilt with yet more sunny, hot weather today - for most there'll be more blue sky compared to yesterday.

Across Scotland and Northern Ireland a very different feel to yesterday with thickening cloud bringing some rain in from the west through the day,

A fresher, cooler day with the cloud but hotting up again in the sunshine and a little muggy again with highs 29-30C.


Russia says sanctions 'will slow down co-operation'

The Russian foreign ministry says a fresh round of EU sanctions against Russian and Ukrainian individuals will mean hampering co-operation with Moscow on security issues.

Fifteeen Russian and Ukrainian nationals have been targeted with travel bans and asset freezes, while 18 organisations have had assets frozen.

"The additional sanction list is direct evidence that the EU countries have set a course for fully scaling down cooperation with Russia over the issues of international and regional security," the ministry said in a statement

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Tax on supermarkets 'would hit the poor hardest'

An extra tax on big supermarkets would hit the poorest families hardest, the Government has said.

The Department for Communities and Local Government has rejected calls from 20 local authorities for a new levy on supermarkets to help revitalise local shopping areas.

The Government said an extra tax on supermarkets would hurt poor households.
The Government said an extra tax on supermarkets would hurt the poor. Credit: Sean Aidan/Eye Ubiquitous/Press Association Images

"Imposing new, additional taxes on supermarkets will push up the price of food and the cost of living, hitting low-income families the hardest," a DCLG spokesman said.

He said there were "much better ways to support small shops".

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Councils call for levy on big supermarkets

A coalition of 20 councils is calling for a new levy on big supermarkets to pay for improvements in local shopping areas.

The local authorities say the tax could raise money to help revitalise town centres.

Councils claim big supermarkets are squeezing the life out of local areas.
Councils claim big supermarkets are squeezing the life out of local areas. Credit: PA Images

The leader of Derby City Council, which is leading the group, said that life was being "sucked out of the city centre" by big out-of-town stores.

Ranjit Banwait told Radio 4's Today programme the move was a response to "the worst cuts in history" to council funding.

A similar levy is in place in Northern Ireland, while in Scotland health services for smoking and drinking-related disease are partly funded by sellers of tobacco and alcohol.


Case 'remains open' into Big Society Network

The Charity Commission's case into the Society Network Foundation - the charitable arm of the Big Society Network - "remains open and ongoing", a spokeswoman has confirmed.

It is alleged that the organisation misused government funding and made inappropriate payments to its directors.

Our case into the Society Network Foundation remains open and ongoing.

We have received a response to questions we had relating to connected-party transactions and the use of a grant.

However this does not fully address our concerns and we are in the process of engaging further with the trustees.

We are also awaiting copies of documents that explain the grounds on which a grant was given.

– Charity Commission spokeswoman

Parents of MH17 passenger visit crash site

Jerzy and Angela arrive at the MH17 crash site in Ukraine.
George and Angela Dyczysnki arrive at the MH17 crash site in Ukraine. Credit: Vine/Keir Simmons

NBC News Foreign Correspondent Keir Simmons has posted a brief video of the parents of MH17 passenger Fatima Dyczynski arriving at the crash site in Ukraine.


The parents of 25 year old Fatima Dyczynski arrive at the #MH17 crash site. The first family to visit this ...

Jerzy - also known as George - and Angela Dyczinski told the Daily Mail Australia they still believe their daughter "could be alive" because her phone continued to ring after the plane came down.

The pair travelled all the way from the western Australian city of Perth to visit the site.

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Malaysia PM: '30 investigators' needed at MH17 site

Malaysia' Prime Minister has said there need to be 30 investigators at the MH17 crash site, but the conflict between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian rebels is preventing them getting access to the area.

Datuk Seri Najib Razak is set to visit the Netherlands to discuss access to the crash site.

He said pro-Russian separatists had so far met two conditions asked of them by returning the victims' bodies and the aircraft's black boxes, but he said there now need to be a full investigation into the crash.

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