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Ebola-free nurse thanks medics after radical treatment

Corporal Anna Cross has thanked doctors after being declared free of Ebola following the help of experimental treatment.

The British military medic became the first person in the world to be treated with the drug MIL 77.

She contracted the potentially deadly virus in Sierra Leone having complained of being "tired" but not ill, as ITV News' Paul Davies reports:


Quiet town welcomes grieving families of crash victims

Families, friends and loved ones of the victims of the Germanwings air disaster have been gathering in a town near the crash site to pay tribute to those lost.

For the three days since the tragedy, which left 150 people dead, the recovery operation has been launched from La Vernay where a memorial stone honouring those killed has been set up.

Usually a serene and picturesque town in the Alps, villagers there have been helping those grieving as well as recovery workers battling against the tough terrain to find what they can from the ill-fated flight.

ITV News senior international correspondent John Irvine reports:

EU safety chiefs: Flights should always have two in cockpit

Airlines should always have two people in the cockpit of a plane while it is in flight, according to new official recommendations by the European Union's flight safety group.

The European Aviation Safety Agency has issued the official recommendation in the wake of this week's tragedy which killed 150 people, believed to have been caused by the co-pilot deliberately crashing a Germanwings plane into a mountain when the pilot left the cockpit.

Lufthansa, which runs Germanwings, has already adopted the measures Credit: Reuters

While the agency has no power to force airlines to adopt the guideline, its recommendations are usually followed, and experts expect companies across the EU to adopt the safety measure as soon as possible.

A number of airlines across the continent - including Lufthansa, which runs Germanwings; Thomas Cook; and EasyJet - have already announced similar new measures for their flights.

The recommendation states airlines should make sure that "at least two crew, including at least one qualified pilot, are in the flight crew compartment at all times of the flight."


Long-lost Picasso worth £11m seized by Italian police

A long-lost Picasso painting worth almost £11 million has been seized by Italian police who suspect it was being illegally deported.

The artwork, entitled Violin and Bottle of Bass, was created in 1912 and shows a cubist image of a violin and a beer bottle. Its existence was only known about as it was mentioned in the 1961 Zervos catalogue of the artist's work.

An officer from the Italian Carabinieri stands guard by the valuable painting Credit: Reuters

A retired frame-maker claims he was given the artwork in 1978 as a gift from an elderly client as a thank you for repairing a picture of his late wife for free.

Not knowing it was a Picasso, the man had stored it for almost 40 years without much care, police said, until he "by chance" realised it was an original by the Spanish artist.

Suspicions were raised when Sotheby’s auction house tried to get official permission to export it, with an estimated value of £1m.

Investigators have verified that the painting is genuine, but say they are still trying to determine whether the man its rightful owner.

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