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Orphans of UN school attack left terrified and vengeful

The Israeli security cabinet's rejection of the latest Gaza ceasefire proposal has come after both sides in the conflict renewed air strikes.

The Israeli Defence Force said two more soldier deaths today took its death toll to 35, while more than 800 Palestinians - mostly civilians - have died in 18 days of fighting.

The Palestinian fatalities included 15 people in the shelling of a UN-run school in Gaza yesterday.

ITV News Correspondent Dan Rivers, reporting from a hospital treating the injured, met the young victims orphaned in the school attack:


Air Algerie black box arrives in Gao for identification

Wreckage from the crashed Air Algerie crash along the Mali-Burkina Faso border. Credit: APTN

One of the two black boxes from the crashed Air Algerie flight has been sent to the Malian city of Gao for formal identification before being repatriated, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius has said.

A French contingent of troops is based in the city, which is a government-controlled town.

The Air Algerie AH5107 flight crashed in the northern Mali desert killing all 116 people on board.

The Gossi region where the accident occurred, near the Burkina Faso border, is 100 miles south of Gao.

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US expects Russia to supply rebels with weapons

by Matt Williams - Washington News Editor

The US believes Russia intends to provide heavier and more sophisticated weapon systems to the separatists in Ukraine in the near future.

Pentagon spokesperson Colonel Steve Warren said the US "has indications" Russia intends to supply the separatists with large calibre multiple launch rocket systems. Colonel Warren said this could happen "at any time".

He stressed the US has seen a continuous flow of weapons and equipment from Russia into Ukraine for several weeks.

Asked about the reports yesterday that Russia has been targeting Ukrainian military sites inside Ukraine from across the border in Russia, Colonel Warren said this is "unquestionably an escalation from a military perspective".

And while he would not provide a battle damage assessment or talk about Russian targeting, Colonel Warren said these artillery strikes do cause "great concern" about the possibility of civilian casualties.

Fifa says World Cup in Russia can be 'force for good'

Fifa has rejected calls to strip Russia of the 2018 World Cup because of the country's alleged involvement in the MH17 disaster, which has seen the EU hit Russia individuals and businesses with new sanctions.

German politicians called for the hosting rights to be reviewed amid claims Russia has armed separatist rebels before the plane was shot down over rebel-held territory in eastern Ukraine last week.

But a statement from football's world governing body said the tournament can be a "force for good".

Fifa is convinced that, through football, particularly the Fifa World Cup and its international spotlight, we can achieve positive change in the world, but football cannot be seen as a solution for all issues, particularly those related to world politics.

We have seen that the Fifa World Cup can be a force for good and Fifa believes this will be the case for the 2018 Fifa World Cup in Russia.

– Fifa


Hollande: 'Not ruling out' terrorism after Mali crash

REUTERS/Benoit Tessier
French President Francois Hollande delivers a speech on flight AH5017. Credit: REUTERS/Benoit Tessier

French president Francois Hollande has said all avenues are being discussed after flight AH5017 crashed in the northern Mali desert, killing 116 people.

Nearly half of the passengers aboard the flight were French, many heading to Europe.

Speaking to reporters, Mr Hollande said that France will spare no efforts to find out what had happened.

"There are hypotheses, notably weather-related, but we don't rule out anything because we want to know what happened," the French president said.

Interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve added: "Terrorist groups are in the zone. ... We know these groups are hostile to Western interests."

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Violinist's death sparks call for 'urgent inquiry'

The inquest into the death of a concert violinist has prompted the assistant chief executive of Victim Support to call an urgent inquiry into how the criminal justice system treats victims of crime with mental health issues.

Adam Pemberton said: "It is appalling that Frances Andrade did not get the help she needed to cope with the trauma of the sexual abuse she suffered as a teenager."

A coroner had earlier criticised mental health services for "failing" to provide proper care to Andrade, who died of an overdose just days after giving evidence against her predatory former choirmaster.

Pemberton said: "We believe there is an urgent need for an inquiry into how the criminal justice system treats victims of crime who have mental health issues, matching recent efforts to help the people who commit those crimes who have mental health needs."

He added: "It's critical that vulnerable victims and witnesses get the right support and information about the progress of their cases. Without this we fear more cases will end in tragedy."

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Rotherham pet gets 'cat asbo' for terrorising his street

An out-of-control ginger tom cat has been given an "animal Asbo" after causing havoc in a neighbourhood in Rotherham.

Four-year-old Rocky received the penalty after residents complained he was biting people, damaging property, fighting with other cats and entering people’s homes and refusing to leave.

Rocky reportedly received the Asbo for fighting with other cats and refusing to leave neighbour's homes.
Rocky reportedly received the Asbo for fighting with other cats and refusing to leave neighbour's homes. Credit: SWNS

The letter, issued by Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, read:

I am in receipt of several complaints regarding your cat Rocky causing alarm, distress and annoyance to other residents in the area of your property.

Although I appreciate that cats do roam, I would prefer if you could take steps to keep your cat Rocky from leaving the perimeter of your garden in the future.

Should further complaints be received about damage done to neighbours’ property by your pet you will be charged for the repairs.

– Letter of complaint
Rocky's owner said the letter was
Rocky's owner said the letter was Credit: SWNS

Rocky's owner Samantha Davies, 35, defended her pet, saying: "How can a cat behave antisocially? It’s an animal, it’s a pet - he’s not going to bite your leg off, drink alcohol in the street or try and rob your phone."

"It’s just like an animal Asbo, and it is completely ridiculous," she added.

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Foreign Office: British man died on crashed AH5107

A British man died onboard Air Algerie flight AH 5107, which crashed in the northern Malian desert killing least 116 people, the Foreign Office have said today.

It is with deep regret that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office confirms the death of a British man onboard Air Algerie flight AH 5107.

We are providing consular support to his family at this tragic time, and we ask that the media respect the privacy of those grieving.

– Foreign Office Spokesperson

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