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Heathrow: Economic lift-off for UK but turbulence for May

A government decision to build a third runway at Heathrow means the airport will only get much busier.

While the controversial decision might mean economic lift-off for Britain, it spells a period of turbulence for Theresa May as Prime Minister.

ITV News Political Editor Robert Peston reports:



Residents protest as businesses welcome Heathrow decision

Lives and livelihoods could be affected in different ways across the country by the Heathrow Airport expansion, ITV News Consumer Editor Chris Choi reports.

Nearly 800 homes are threatened by demolition and much of the village of Harmondsworth could end up under the tarmac of the third runway.

Resident Eilish Stone said: "I find it absolutely insulting that people think they can come in bulldoze our home, bulldoze our villages and we are just happy to take the money and run."

But it is also claimed the new runway will boost the UK economy by £211 billion and create 77,000 jobs.

Heathrow decision could be politically risky for Tories

Ministers chose the Heathrow Airport expansion over Gatwick to show, post-Brexit that the UK is "open for business", according to Transport Secretary Chris Grayling.

The expansion will be paid for by private companies at an estimated £17.6billion, but it is politically risky with critics within the cabinet including Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson describing it as "undeliverable".

And the resignation of Zac Goldsmith, triggering a by-election in his Richmond Park constituency has already proven the decision to be politically fragile.

Tories will not put forward candidate for by-election

Zac Goldsmith resigned over the decision to approve a third runway at Heathrow Airport.

The Conservatives have announced they will not fight the by-election triggered by former MP Zac Goldsmith, who quit in protest over the Heathrow expansion.

A statement by the party said they "disagree" with Goldsmith but "understand his position".

The statement added: "He has been a hard-working champion for the people of Richmond Park - as we know he will continue to be if they re-elect him as their Member of Parliament - so we will not be putting up a candidate against him at this by-election."

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