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Gaza under 'intense' aerial bombardment

ITV News correspondent Dan Rivers is in Gaza:


Aerial bombardment is getting quite intense. Trying to sleep but very difficult. Hop

A video feed from Gaza showed the sky and buildings in the city lit up by flares and missiles.

Credit: Reuters

Very intense bombardment. Getting a bit anxious that one of these bangs will blow windows out of my room #Gaza

Credit: Reuters

Five Israeli soldiers among dead in Middle East conflict

Israel said five of its soldiers were killed today, with four of them in a mortar attack.

The country's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel needed to prepare for a "protracted campaign" in Gaza.

The Israel Defence Forces tonight told Palestinians living in the neighbourhoods of Zeitoun, Shujaiyya, Jabiliya, Beit Lahiya and Beit Hanoun to evacuate immediately to Gaza City.

ITV News Correspondent Rohit Kachroo reports from Israel:

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Gazans' choice of risking streets or facing Israeli rockets

by - Correspondent

The media are being told not to go out on the streets at night because it is too dangerous, therefore you have to wonder if it's going to be safe for the residents to do so as well.

Israel has warned residents of five areas to evacuate.
Israel has warned residents of five areas in the Gaza Strip to evacuate. Credit: ITV News

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You also have to ask the question whether the residents have received the warning sent by text message to evacuate certain areas in the region and head to Gaza City.

There are many power outages across Gaza at the best of times, especially now this heavy bombardment has resumed in the last few hours.

Have they got the warning? If they have, where will they go? Will they come to an area like Gaza City, which itself has seen several strikes throughout the past days.

People here are facing the terrible choice of stay in the face of this Israeli bombardment or try and escape and take their chances out on the streets.

Watch: Eid celebrations cut short as bloodshed returns to Gaza

More rain in south-east may delay flood clean-up

More heavy rain overnight in the south-east may delay a clean-up operation following a day of flash floods.

The Sussex town of Worthing was hit by floods today.
The Sussex town of Worthing was hit by floods today.

However forecasters said there would not be a repeat of the deluges in East Anglia, the south-east and London today.

The Environment Agency said that "recovery operations may be affected" but that flooding is not expected during the next three days.

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Over 40,000 backed online petition for Ruffley to resign

Over 40,000 people have now signed an online petition calling for Tory MP David Ruffley to resign following his caution for domestic assault.

Mr Ruffley announced earlier that he would be stepping down at the 2015 general election, saying the "protracted media debate" about the incident was damaging his constituency party.

The organiser of the petition, Jo Costello, said he should resign immediately, calling it "unthinkable" that he should stay in Parliament until next year.

But Conservative Chief Whip Michael Gove said he was "sorry" that Mr Ruffley had decided to leave Parliament.

""David Ruffley MP has given a huge amount to Parliament both on the Opposition front bench and as an outstanding member of the Treasury Select Committee," the former Education Secretary said.

Heavily pregnant woman rescued from waist deep mud

A heavily pregnant woman got stuck to her waist in mud and had to be rescued in Weston Super Mare, firefighters said.

A spokesman for Avon Fire and Rescue Service said: "A woman, thought to be eight months pregnant, her partner and a young girl aged around seven, were...assisted to safety. The woman was stuck up to her waist in the mud."

They were among eight people who had to be rescued by Avon Fire and Rescue Service's hovercraft at the popular tourist resort today.

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