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Labour keeps lead but voters 'prefer' PM Cameron

Despite Labour retaining its lead over the Conservatives in the 40 most marginal seats ahead of the General Election, voters prefer David Cameron to Ed Miliband for Prime Minister, a new ComRes/ITV News Index poll suggests.

The poll also indicates that 10% of Labour voters in the last General Election would switch their allegiance to Ukip next year.

Voters in marginal seats 'prefer a Labour to a Tory government, but favour David Cameron over Ed Miliband as Prime Minister' Credit: PA
  • Voters in marginal seats remain more likely to prefer a Labour to a Conservative government (41% to 36%), but favour David Cameron over Ed Miliband as Prime Minister (44% to 31%)
  • Nearly half of voters in marginal seats (45%) think that Ukip are a serious party, although 39% think they are not
  • 10% of participants who voted for Labour in 2010 now say that they would switch to vote Ukip, along with one in five people (21%) who voted Conservative

Brothers recorded Syria terror camp trip on their iPhone

British extremist brothers Mohommod and Hamza Nawaz recorded their trip to a terrorist training camp in Syria on an iPhone - documentary evidence that would be used as evidence against them.

The 19 photographs and videos uncovered by police helped anti-terror investigators to piece together their journey to the extremist base.

There were several pictures of Mohommod posing in camouflage kit with an AK-47 rifle and a video clip showing road signs for Aleppo, East Al Bassett and Latakia.

An image of Mohommod Nawaz with a firearm was found among photographs on a mobile phone, along with an image of a Syrian road sign from a vehicle. Credit: Metropolitan Police

Prosecutors said another video of the defendants crossing a river in a small boat and into Syria from Turkey was of "real significance" as it recorded them confirming their intentions.

Someone waiting to cross asked them: "Who do you support?" and they replied: "Junud Al-Shaam" meaning Soldiers of Damaskus, an extremist group in Syria. Then asked if they were there for jihad, they say "Jihad. Yeah".


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Ex-gangster 'Mad' Frankie Fraser dies aged 90

Former gangster "Mad" Frankie Fraser has died at the age of 90, his former associate Eddie Richardson said.

Fraser had been kept alive on a life-support machine following a hip operation.

Former gangster 'Mad' Frankie Fraser has died at the age of 90. Credit: PA

The south London hard man was part of Charlie Richardson's gang who were arch rivals to the Kray twins.

Ronnie Kray was a patient at Broadmoor Hospital in Berkshire while Reggie spent time at Parkhurst Prison on the Isle of Wight.

Fraser also spent time at Broadmoor Hospital.

Labour 'keeps lead over Tories' in marginal seats

Labour retains its lead over the Conservatives in the 40 most marginal seats ahead of the General Election next year, a new ComRes/ITV News Index poll suggests.

Labour retains its lead over the Conservatives in the 40 most marginal seats Credit: PA

The poll of 1,002 people put Labour down two points since September on 39% and the Conservatives up one at 31%.

The Liberal Democrats and Ukip were also up one at 7% and 18% respectively.


Ofgem: Energy suppliers must act quickly to resolve overcharging

Ofgem has called on energy suppliers to "act quickly" to resolve the overcharging of customers on pre-pay gas meters and warned it had not ruled out taking action.

A spokeswoman said: "We are determined that no consumer should lose out because some energy suppliers have overcharged some consumers on pre-payment meters.

"By the end of this week we expect industry to come forward with a swift timetable for resolving all traceable cases of over-charging customers, repay consumers within a clearly-agreed and publicly-announced timetable, reconfigure meters as quickly as possible and protect customers from over-payment in the meantime.

"Suppliers must act quickly to resolve the problem in a way that treats customers fairly. We have not ruled out enforcement action."

Royal Mail is ‘wrong’ to scare public over universal service

Business Secretary Vince Cable has criticised Royal Mail bosses for “scaremongering” by indicating universal service may be under threat.

He said he felt it was "wrong" of chief executive Moya Greene to suggest it is.

He said a lot of people “depend” on the Royal Mail and the regular delivery it provides, particularly in remote areas, and he said they should not be made to feel insecure.

I think it’s wrong to scare the public.

The universal service obligation is absolutely clear, it’s protected in law by Parliament, it’s not going to change.

I think a bit of scaremongering is going on and it’s not healthy.

– Vince Cable, Business Secretary
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