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Blatter chants 'let's go' as he is re-elected Fifa President

Sepp Blatter has been re-elected President of Fifa for a fifth term despite the corruption scandal that has engulfed football's International governing body.

Mr Blatter won the election despite failing to secure enough votes in the first round to avoid a second run-off, after his challenger Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein conceded.

In his victory speech, Mr Blatter chanted: "Let's go Fifa, let's go Fifa," to a standing ovation from delegates.

Greg Dyke on Fifa: This isn't over by any means

"This isn't over by any means," FA chairman Greg Dyke said after Sepp Blatter was re-elected as Fifa's president.

"The events of this week are so traumatic for Fifa that I cannot see Fifa reforming itself under Blatter - he's had 16 years to reform it, he hasn't done it," Dyke said.

But Dyke reiterated that England would not withdraw from any World Cup "on its own".

"That would be ridiculous. There will be discussions I think in Fifa about this result and what Fifa should do next, but it won't be England alone," he added.


Blatter: Nobody is perfect, but we will do a good job together

Returned Fifa president Sepp Blatter has thanked the footballing body for supporting him - and admitted he was "not perfect".

Taking to the stage to a round of applause, Blatter - who won the election by default after opponent Prince Ali pulled out - said he was delighted to back behind the helm of the "boat called Fifa", but hinted this would be his last term.

Credit: FIFA TV

He said he realised there was work to do to "bring it back", including "organisational problems" within the body, including bringing more women onto the board.

He also hinted that this would be his final spell in charge, declaring he wanted to give a "robust and good" Fifa to whoever succeeds him as president at the end of this term.

I told you all at the beginning, I like you. I like my job. I like to be with you. I am not perfect - nobody is perfect. But we will do a good job together I am sure.

I thank you so much for the trust and confidence - together we go, let's go Fifa.

– Sepp Blatter

Prince Ali thanks those who voted for him as he leaves race

Prince Ali Bin al Hussein has withdrawn from the race for Fifa president after voting went to a second round.

"It's been a wonderful journey in terms of knowing you, working with you, seeing the challenges you have," Prince Ali told delegates at the Fifa Congress.

Credit: Fifa TV

"And I want to thank in particular all of those who were brave enough to support me. But having said that, I'll be withdrawing from the race," he added.

Blatter takes more votes in first round of Fifa election

Sepp Blatter has taken more votes than his rival Prince Ali Bin al Hussein in the first round of the Fifa presidential vote.

Sepp Blatter received more votes in the first round of the Fifa presidential vote. Credit: PA Wire

Blatter received 133 votes to Prince Ali's 73, which means the election now goes to a second round.


US removes Cuba from state sponsors of terror list

The US and Cuba are working together to restore diplomatic ties. Credit: Reuters/Stringer

The US has formally dropped Cuba from a list of state sponsors of terrorism as the country continues efforts to restore diplomatic ties with the Communist-ruled island.

President Barack Obama had announced on April 14th he would drop the former Cold War rival from the list, initiating a 45-day review period for Congress that expired today.

Obama ordered a review of Cuba's status on the terrorism list as part of a landmark policy shift.

The move followed a meeting in December between the US President and Cuba's leader Raul Castro where they announced they would seek to restore diplomatic relations that Washington severed in 1961, and work toward a broader normalisation of ties.

Cuba had cited its listing as a state terrorism sponsor, which had been in place since 1982, as an obstacle to the re-establishing of diplomatic relations.

The two sides have held four rounds of high level negotiations since December and say they are closing in on a deal to reopen embassies in Havana and Washington.

Vote count begins in the Fifa presidential election

The vote count has begun in the Fifa presidential election. Credit: RTV

The vote count has begun in the election for the next president of Fifa.

The votes are being count in the FIfa presdential election. Credit: RTV

Incumbent Sepp Blatter faces a strong challenge Prince Ali Bin al Hussein the third son of the King of Jordan and a former special forces commander.

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