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Network Rail: 'Server for train information screen crashed'

Network Rail: 'Server for train information screen crashed' Credit: PA

Widespread commuter travel delays and chaos this morning have been caused by a "server crash" which meant that information to display screens was not being updated, Network Rail has confirmed.

The server that provides information to display screens crashed this morning and had to be restarted and should catch up later today. This has nothing to do with the system that locates where trains are or track safety.

– Network Rail spokesperson


Greece: Syriza agrees coalition with Independent Greeks

The main principals of a coalition government led by left-wing Syriza have been agreed, the leader of the right-wing Independent Greeks party has said.

In a statement to reporters, Panos Kammenos - whose party also opposes austerity - said: "We have a government, we support Syriza government for the country for the people we have an agreement in the main principals."

ITV News Europe Editor James Mates reports from Athens:

Syriza MP: Austerity has been like waterboarding

A Greek daily newspaper shows Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras riding on the back of president Antonis Samaras' back. Credit: Michael Kappeler/DPA

A Syriza MP tipped to become Greece's next finance minister has compared the country's regime of austerity to "waterboarding".

Despite his party's firm opposition to the schedule of restraints agreed in part with the European Union, economist Yanis Varoufakis said an exit from the eurozone was "not on the cards".

And he told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that while his party's approach to dealings with the EU would not be "confrontational", it would be necessary to renegotiate Greece's debt repayments so they were bound to economic growth.

"What really matters now is that we sit down and discuss a way that the haircut to our debt - the debt writedown - is minimised," he said.

"To have this debt schedule, debt repayment schedule as we do at the moment, which is completely unrealistic and utterly disconnected from Greek growth, that is not good for them, it is not good for us."

Osborne warns Greek leadership to 'act responsibly'

George Osborne has warned over the anti-austerity policies of Greece's new ruling party. Credit: Phillip Toscano/PA Wire

The anti-austerity promises of Greece's victorious Syriza party will be "very difficult to deliver" and "incompatible with what the eurozone currently demands of its members", George Osborne says.

The Chancellor called on the country's new leadership to act "responsibly" after early indications suggested a wide margin of victory.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today programme he also warned that the resulting uncertainty would affect Britain.

Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras has said he wants Greece to remain part of the eurozone, but also rejects the European Union-sponsored programme of austerity.

Osborne said the result indicated that the institutions of the eurozone "are not working well enough for the people of Europe, and that has an impact on us".


Stocks fall as Greece's Syriza sweeps to election victory

Markets reacted negatively to the assumed victory of Greece's anti-austerity Syriza party early this morning, with European stock index futures falling.

Minutes after opening, futures for Euro STOXX 50, Germany's DAX and France's CAC were down between 0.6% and 1%.

The euro sank to an 11-year low of $1.1098 on the outcome of the vote, but later recovered to $1.221.

After early indications suggested a win for Syriza, leader Alexis Tsipras promised to renegotiate Greece's debt and end "austerity and destruction" in the country.

SSE to slash gas prices by 4.1%

SSE to cut household gas prices at end of April Credit: PA Wire

SSE is to reduce household gas prices by 4.1% on April 30 before extending its energy price freeze until at least July 2016.

It is the latest energy firm to announce a cut in gas prices.

British Gas announced a five per cent cut in prices, npower is to cut its standard tariff by an average of 5.1%, E.ON reduced tariffs by 3.5 per cent, and Scottish Power announced a 4.8 per cent drop in prices starting February 20.

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