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PM: European Councils 'always try to get hold of your money'

At a campaign event in Chatham ahead of the Rochester and Strood by-election, David Cameron said the European Council will not "get my money."

David Cameron attends a community forum in Chatham. Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

The Prime Minister has stoutly refused to pay the surprise £1.7 bn surcharge handed to Britain by the EU.

These European Councils. There are too many of them and they go on far too long and they always try to get hold of your money. But they didn't get my money and I got here in the end.

– David Cameron

Cameron: People want a PM who fights for Britain in Europe

On a visit to Rochester, ahead of a crucial by-election, David Cameron said that what voters wanted was a Prime Minister who stood up for Britain in Europe.

Polls have tipped Ukip for a win in the Rochester and Strood by-election and Mr Cameron has tried to appear tough on Europe in the hopes of a strong Conservative performance in the vote.

He was speaking after he told a press conference that he simply would not pay the surprise £1.7bn surcharge handed to Britain by the EU.


Second US nurse Amber Vinson declared Ebola free

US nurse Amber Vinson has followed her colleague Nina Pham in being declared free of the Ebola virus, after the pair contracted the disease while treating a dying patient at their Dallas hospital.

Amber Vinson, 29, was the second nurse to contract the Ebola virus at her Dallas hospital. Credit: Akron Public Schools/NBC News

Ms Vinson's status was confirmed by the Atlanta medical centre where she had been receiving treatment after a transfer from a Texas hospital.

Vinson's fellow nurse Pham was earlier declared virus free after receiving treatment in Maryland.

Police investigate 'substantial' trail of blood in Hull

Police are investigating a mile-long trail of blood found near docks in Hull.

The 'substantial' trail was first spotted by a member of the public who was fishing off the docks yesterday morning.

The trail runs from St Andrew's Docks to parts of Hessle Road and Cholmley Street. Credit: Google Maps

Enquiries, including a search of the river bank by Air Sea Rescue, have so far failed to identify a victim. The trail runs from St Andrew's Docks to parts of Hessle Road and Cholmley Street.

Samples of the blood have been sent away for DNA analysis.

Due to the substantial amount of blood found we believe the person may have sustained a severe injury of some description and may be in need of medical attention.

– Detective Inspector Joanne Roe


Artists decorate cakes to look like world leaders

Artists in Russia have baked three cakes made to look startlingly like three world leaders, before eating them.

Cakes decorated to look like US President Barack Obama, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and German Chancellor Angela Merkel Credit: REUTERS/Ilya Naymushin

The performance was entitled 'Sweet Sanctions. Let's eat each other only for fun' and took place at Krasnoyarsk Museum Centre in Siberia.

Russian artist Yelena Zelenskaya puts the finishing touches to an President Obama cake Credit: REUTERS/Ilya Naymushin

The world leaders were chose to represent three human races and continents and the performance was held to oppose war, racism, and confrontation of cultures.

Artists hold a tea party at the Krasnoyarsk Museum Centre in Siberia Credit: REUTERS/Ilya Naymushin

Barroso: £1.7 bn EU demand 'should not be a surprise'

Jose Manuel Barroso has said that the £1.7 bn surcharge levied against the UK, "should not come as a surprise," as it was calculated from figures provided by the UK.

The European Commission President was answering a question from ITV News Europe Editor James Mates, on David Cameron's claims the payment was "not acceptable".

When pressed on what would happen if the UK does not make the payment on 1st December, when it is due, Mr Barroso said: "I cannot now speculate on non-payment."

Mr Cameron has said he will not allow the payment.

US probing claim Islamic State used chemical weapons

The United States is investigating reports that Islamic State fighters have used chemical weapons against Iraqi security forces.

US Secretary of State John Kerry said the allegations, reported by the Washington Post, are "extremely serious" and confirmed his department was "seeking additional information" to determine their accuracy.

US Secretary of State John Kerry confirmed the US was hunting more details of the alleged chemical attack. Credit: Reuters-Brian Snyder

The Post said poisonous chlorine gas was the diagnosis for 11 Iraqi police officers who were rushed to a government hospital with severe breathing problems after an attack, purportedly by Islamic State extremists, last month.

The newspaper said an official at Iraq's ministry of defence supported the claims of the Iraqi forces, though the report added that details of two other apparent chlorine attacks were "sketchy".

Gillingham charged over race victimisation

The Football Association have charged League One club Gillingham and chairman Paul Scally over the dismissal of their former striker Mark McCammon, who was racially victimised according to the governing body.

Both the club and Scally are charged with breaching FA rule E3.

Mark McCammon Credit: PA

It is alleged McCammon, who previously won £70,000 from an employment tribunal, was victimised due to his race by the club.

The club and Scally are said to have "failed to act in the best interests of the game, and/or brought the game into disrepute by committing an act of race victimisation by dismissing Mark McCammon".

Gillingham and Scally have until November 14 to respond.

The club have refused to comment on the matter.

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