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Lib Dem leader: PM's refugee response 'embarrassing'

The Liberal Democrat leader said there can be Credit: PA

The Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has criticised the government's handling of the refugee crisis, calling it "embarrassing".

In response to the announcement that Downing Street would be releasing a plan in response to the crisis, Farron said he hoped that David Cameron was starting to take steps to play its part in helping more refugees.

It is embarrassing for the country that the Government has had to be dragged kicking and screaming to do the compassionate thing. But we must wait to see the detail, there can be no half measures, it's high time the UK took a full role in helping desperate people.

– Tim Farron, Leader of the Liberal Democrats


Family scream as they refuse to board refugee camp bus

A family tried to run away after police attempted to put them onto a bus bound for a Hungarian refugee camp.

"I won't go," the mother of the two children can be heard shouting in footage recorded by ITV News' Georgina Brewer.

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Describing "terrible scenes", ITV News Europe Editor James Mates said the woman's two young children screamed and ran off at one point.

The children's father also had to be treated for shock amid the chaos.

Man who lay on track with family taken to police station

Hungarian police have said that the man who threw himself, his wife and his baby onto the train tracks was earlier taken to a police station.

He was on a board a train that was stopped in the town of Bicske and believed he would be taken to a nearby refugee camp instead of being allowed to continue his journey.

ITV News' James Mates has been at the chaotic scenes today.

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