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Ambulance death mother 'treated worse than an animal'

The daughters of a woman who died waiting in an ambulance queue outside a hospital have told ITV News their mother was "treated worse than an animal".

Sonia Powell was outside Swansea's Morriston Hospital for more than half-an-hour before she died.

Daughter Tracey Evans told Rupert Evelyn, "All her daughters and my dad could not be by mother's sides in her last moments, it's absolutely disgusting the way that my mother was treated."

ITV News Wales Correspondent Rupert Evelyn reports from Swansea:


British hostage has been taken captive in Syria before

British journalist John Cantlie, who appears in a new video released by Islamic State militants, has been taken hostage in Syria before.

Despite being injured in a failed escape attempt before his release the first time, Mr Cantlie chose to return a few months later.

Speaking in August 2012, he said: "We were moved at gunpoint with the weapons loaded, with the safeties off, down into another larger tent where there were two Syrian prisoners.

"We were told that we should prepare to meet our maker and at that point we decided 'this isn't going so well'."

Convicted murderer is official suspect in Alice case

A Latvian builder named as the prime suspect in the search for missing schoolgirl Alice Gross was convicted of murdering his wife, police have said.

Scotland Yard said it was looking for 41-year-old Arnis Zalkalns after he was identified in CCTV footage of the tow path where Alice was last seen.

Toms Sadovskis, a Latvian state police spokesman, confirmed that Zalkalns had served a custodial sentence after he was convicted of killing his wife in the country in 1998.

ITV News Correspondent Paul Davies reports from west London:


Terrorism expert: IS 'an organisation with a strategy'

Islamic State militants have released the video of British hostage John Cantlie to engage in "strategic communications" with Western governments and the Muslim youth in those countries, a terrorism expert has said.

"They are acting as an organisation that has a strategy, and that means that they are an actor that can be influenced, and they calibrate what they do with what we do," Professor John Gearson told ITV News.

"Therefore it's a campaign - it's not merely mindless murderers who kills anyone they can find".

The R&A: '85% voted for women to become members'

The secretary of The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews said he was "very pleased" that its members "voted overwhelmingly in favour of welcoming women members".

More than three quarters of the club’s global membership took part in the ballot, with a decisive 85% voting for women to become members.

This vote has immediate effect and I can confirm that The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews is now a mixed membership club.

The membership has also acted to fast-track a significant initial number of women to become members in the coming months.

This is a very important and positive day in the history of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club. The R&A has served the sport of golf well for 260 years and I am confident that the club will continue to do so in future with the support of all its members, both women and men.

– Peter Dawson, secretary of The Royal and Ancient Golf Club

Royal and Ancient Golf Club votes to 'welcome women as members'

The Royal and Ancient Golf Club has voted overwhelmingly to welcome women as members, it has confirmed.

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