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Iraq army storm the southern edge of Falluja

A convoy of armed vehicles is seen driving into Falluja Credit: AP

The Iraqi army has stormed the southern edge of Falluja under US air support, and captured a police station inside the city limits.

An elite military unit, the Rapid Response Team, is leading what is shaping up to be the biggest assault ever fought against the so-called Islamic State.

Explosions and gun fire was reportedly seen in Naimiya, a district of Falluja on its southern outskirts.

The Iraqi army has launch a massive assault on the city of Falluja Credit: AP

Separately, Kurdish security forces announced advances against IS in northern Iraq, capturing villages from militants outside Mosul, the biggest city under militant control.


PM hails 'extraordinary coalition' with Sadiq Khan

Prime Minister David Cameron and newly elected Labour mayor of London Sadiq Khan have said they will work together to ensure the UK votes to remain in the European Union.

Speaking at the launch of the Vote Remain battle bus at Roehampton University in London, Cameron hit back at the Leave campaign by saying it would be "some conspiracy" for the Tory son of stockbroker and the Labour son of a bus driver to join forces over the EU.

He said: "We say [vote remain], not because it's part of some massive establishment conspiracy... because we say this matters so much for this country".

"We love our country. We want our country to be the best it possibly can", he added.

Sadiq Khan echoed Mr Cameron's statements and dismissed criticism of their surprising partnership by stating he would work closely with the Tory government "where it is in Londoners' interests".

"There are many things upon which the Prime Minister and I will disagree, but what's really important... is the Mayor of London and the Government to work closely together", he said.

"We are both on the side of London, we are both on the side of the United Kingdom. I want that spirit of unity of purpose to be with us today."


Tory in-fighting a 'diversion' from informed debate about the EU, says Ken Clarke

Credit: Reuters

Voters are fed up with critics of the Prime Minister turning the EU referendum campaign into a "kind of leadership bid", says Ken Clarke.

The former Justice Secretary suggested that pro-Leave campaigners were more interested in ousting David Cameron than contributing to an informed debate about EU membership.

Mr Clarke spoke following a weekend of upheaval in which backbench MPs called Mr Cameron "corrosive" and a "liar" as they planned to topple him even if Remain wins the referendum.

Mr Clarke called for an end to Tory in-fighting on Radio 4's Today programme: "The public are getting fed up with Tory civil wars when they thought they were being asked about the future of this country for their children and grandchildren.

"All this stuff about whether one or two backbenchers have signed letters calling for David Cameron to resign, I think most of the public would agree, is a bit of a diversion."

Rescued footballer Alan Pulido appears in public

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Mexico footballer Alan Pulido has appeared in public for the first time since he was rescued from kidnappers.

The 25-year-old appeared outside state police offices with one of his hands bandaged, alongside Tamaulipas governor Egidio Torre Cantu.

"The most important thing is that he is here. He is with us," Torre Cantu said.

Pulido was kidnapped by an armed group outside his his hometown of Ciudad Victoria as he left a party.

The Tamaulipas security coordination group for Mexico's security forces said in a statement early Monday that the rescue occurred shortly before midnight.

The statement said Pulido was being medically assessed.

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