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Bells toll across Holland as first victims of MH17 land

The first victims' bodies of the MH17 disaster arrived in Holland today - six days after the flight crashed in eastern Ukraine.

During a solemn procession, attended by the Dutch king and queen, the Last Post was played as the unidentified victims were slowly carried from the plane to the waiting hearses.

ITV News Correspondent Rohit Kachroo reports from Eindhoven:

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Israel under considerable pressure to end Gaza conflict

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Israel is under considerable pressure to end the conflict in Gaza, as their death toll has risen again today to 35, 32 of which are Israeli soldiers, including a commander.

That's higher than the last two Gaza incursions combined.

Added to that the US Secretary of State John Kerry has now arrived in Israel.

He has had a meeting with UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon and now currently meeting the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Both he and the British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond arrived today at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion airport - an airport being avoided by many international airlines after a rocket landed less than a mile from the runway.

That suspension of flights will continue for at least 24 hours, which will clearly hurt the Israeli economy.

Many Israelis we have spoken to remain defiant in the face of that disruption.

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Spectators' first glimpse of Games ceremony

Thousands of people have started to arrive to take their seats for the opening ceremony of Glasgow's Commonwealth Games.

Excited spectators tweeted the view from their seats at Celtic Park, braced to host 40,000 people when the Queen officially opens the Games.

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MT @markpougatch The most beautiful evening at Celtic Park. || A hint of things to come tonight! #Glasgow2014


The eyes of the world will fall on Glasgow with a global television audience of more than one billion people expected to tune in to watch the events unfold.

The event has been described as the most prestigious live event ever seen in Scotland.

Officials say there are still "very few" tickets remaining for the ceremony, with just hours until the Games begin.


Red Cross hold concerns over front line access

The Red Cross say they came under heavy fire today, when attempting to remove causalities from the front line.

The video shows members of the International Committee Red Cross (ICRC) and Palestinian Civil Defence members pulling away from an explosion in the besieged neighbourhood of Shejaiya, eastern Gaza City.

Larry Maybee, ICRC delegate to the armed and security forces said:

The priority now is wounded, and any civilians that are trapped in their homes.

We are a bit concerned that we are getting closer to the front line and the security situation might prevent us.

– Larry Maybee

According to the latest count more than 680 Palestinians and 34 Israelis have been killed during the conflict.

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Cameron: UK 'the most networked country'

Prime Minister David Cameron has said the UK's economic power was down to it being the "most networked country" in the world.

Mr Cameron was addressing business leaders from across the globe at a business conference in Glasgow as part of the build-up to the 2014 Games.

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The UK is "the most networked country" according to PM David Cameron, speaking at a business conference linked to the Commonwealth Games.
The UK is "the most networked country" according to PM David Cameron, speaking at a business conference linked to the Commonwealth Games. Credit: PA

"I think we do punch above our weight in the world and I think that's to do with industry, entrepreneurship, it's to do with the English language, our position in the world, the fact that we've got these great universities, great businesses, the science base, there's a good list of advantages we have," he said.

He reiterated that the UK was a member of the EU, the G8, the G20, the Commonwealth, Nato, and a permanent member of the UN Security Council.

He added: "And of course being a United Kingdom, being a collection of countries, that together can work together again helps us punch above our weight."

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