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'I have to go and see my son,' says Ashya's father

Ashya King's father has thanked those that worked to ensure the release of him and his wife from prison this evening.

Brett King told reporters outside Soto del Real prison near Madrid he had not known the extent of the public support as they had been unable to watch television in prison.

"I have to go and see my son," he then said before getting into a car.


Ashya King's parents released from prison

Ashya King's parents have been pictured after their release from custody, and offered thanks to the public for their support.

Brett King (left) and his wife Naghmeh (centre) leaving Soto del Real.
Brett King (left) and his wife Naghmeh (centre) leaving Soto del Real. Credit: Reuters

The couple's lawyer earlier said they would speak about at a news conference in southern Spain - the region where Ashya is being treated - tomorrow.

The National Court in Madrid said in a statement that a judge had ordered the couple's immediate release.

Yes Scotland: Tory MPs - 1, Job-creating powers - 0

The final part of the debate gives the audience a chance to ask questions on a wide array of subjects.

The two teams are arguing about the chances of more devolved powers for the Scottish Parliament in a United Kingdom.

The Yes Scotland campaign is circulating this banner:


There are more Tory MPs in Scotland than new job-creating powers from the No campaign #ScotDecides #indyref


Davidson: SNP's plans are no way to defend a nation

Ruth Davidson speaks passionately about her pride for British troops "shouldering its burden in the world".

She claims an independent Scotland would have only around 800 troops at its disposal at any one time.


Today we pay 1/10 of the UK defence budget & get 10 times the protection. Why give that up? #scotdecides


Ruth Davidson brutally exposes the numbers behind the SNP's defence plan. What do we do with 800 troops? #scotdecides

Apple breach 'not behind leaked celebrity photos'

The leaking of explicit celebrity photos and videos was not the result of breaches in the security of Apple's computer systems, the company has said.

After the breach, Kirsten Dunst tweeted:
After the breach, Kirsten Dunst tweeted: Credit: /Matt Crossick/EMPICS Entertainment

The US tech giant said none of the cases it had so far investigated were a result of its iCloud or Find my iPhone systems being hacked but as a result of a "very targeted attack" on the security procedures of celebrity accounts.

The leaking of the private photos of famous female stars sparked initial suggestions that Apple's iCloud service had been compromised to access the images and leak them across the internet.

After more than 40 hours of investigation, we have discovered that certain celebrity accounts were compromised by a very targeted attack on user names, passwords and security questions, a practice that has become all too common on the Internet.

– Apple statement


Friend of Sotloff: 'Pay ransoms to get Americans home'

A friend of Steven Sotloff and James Foley has said that reports of delays in a rescue mission for US hostages and journalists "probably cost them their lives".

Documentary film maker Matthew Van Dyke also criticised the US for not paying ransoms for hostages and the American administration's choice of policy decisions in tackling the rising threat of the Islamic State.

He said: "It's time that we look in this particular case of paying the ransoms and getting these Americans home.

"I blame ISIS for their deaths, but this administration hasn't gotten them home. Apparently they dragged their feet on the rescue missions. They haven't paid the ransoms.

"The rise of ISIS didn't have to happen. This is a consequence of a series of policy decisions that now have cost two close friends of mine their lives and will likely cost other hostages their lives as well. It needs to stop."

Read: Report - New IS video shows beheading of US hostage

Participants clash over possible job losses at Faslane

The debate has turned to the familiar issue of the Trident nuclear deterrent, which is based at Faslane Navy base on the Clyde.

A Royal Navy submarine, similar to the type used to carry Britain's nuclear warheads, docked at Faslane Navy base on the Clyde.
A Royal Navy submarine, similar to the type used to carry Britain's nuclear warheads, docked at Faslane Navy base on the Clyde. Credit: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

"Trident is probably the least efficient job creation scheme you can imagine," says Patrick Harvie. "Getting rid of Trident will not close the base, it will continue to have a non-nuclear function, but the opportunity to re-invest in the really socially useful things that we do need," he says.

Ruth Davidson replies: "Faslane is the biggest single-site employer in Scotland and if you go and speak to people in Helensburgh and surrounding areas, they don't want the [nuclear warhead bearing] submarines to go".

King family 'just happy they can go and see Ashya'

Ashya King's brother says his parents are surprised by the mass of reporters outside their prison, adding: "None of us thought this would be international news."

Danny King told BBC News that he had been speaking to his mother and father by phone, who, despite the shock, were "just happy that they can go and see Ashya".

Asked if Ashya would go to Prague, he said: "I don't know, because we've had different offers from treatment centres in America, my parents haven't been able to look at that, at the end of the day it's their decision which centre they will be able to get that treatment."

Earlier Danny's other brother Naveed expressed his joy on Facebook at news of his parents' release.

Campaigners clash over best way to get rid of nukes

The penultimate part of the debate is about international affairs.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson argues that the best way of reducing the number of nuclear weapons in the UK and around the world is to work with other countries towards this goal.


Powerful case from Ruth Davidson for working multilaterally to make the world safer. #scotdecides

Scottish Greens co-convener Patrick Harvie says that Scotland is committing to "unilateral rearmament" and a future of "psychopathic weapons" if it remains part of the UK.

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